Prowess in a Sentence

What does prowess mean? It means somebody or something that has an exceptional amount of courage, particularly in a state of combat or in battle.

Adjective: -prowessed

Sentence Examples: –

  • Joanna has a hunting prowess that has led her to survive in any part of the world without coming across any troubles from my life.
  • Galileo was known to have a prowess in various fields, and he was clearly a prodigy in the best possible sense for those times.
  • When you have a prowess for writing, why don’t you seek the help of a publisher to publish your novels?
  • The prowess of a babysitter to ensure the best care for the child is something that every parent would want to see.
  • When you have a natural talent and prowess for bringing about good battle plans, why not use that skill in your competitive gaming abilities?
  • If you want to become a professor, you would have to increase your prowess on mathematics.
  • Learn to complement others that have a natural prowess towards some field rather than sulk at everything.

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