Prudent in a Sentence

What does prudent mean? It means to be wise or circumspect the situation and to get to know about everything in the practical manner.

Adjective: -nonprudent

Sentence Examples: –

  • It does not seem prudent for you to go swimming when there is a clear warning by the Coast Guard to not do so in that particular area.
  • It would be a prudent decision for you to start doing something healthy with your life instead of smoking cigarettes at regular intervals.
  • It is prudent if you end up saving money by investing in real estate, rather than looking to gamble away all your hard earned savings.
  • My uncle happens to be prudent enough that he would not end up paying all his bills through cash, but also take receipts by using his credit card.
  • Always be prudent when crossing a river, although it may be extremely shallow, but the undercurrent can definitely cause a lot of damage to your boat.

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