Puerile in a sentence

What does puerile  mean?: -immature, childish and silly

Noun: -puerility

Adjective: -nonpuerile

Sentence Examples:

  • My son Jack, who is all of three years old engaged in puerile behavior, which is certainly something age appropriate.
  • The jokes that you make are certainly puerileand not at all what you want to put across.
  • When going for an interview, it is very important for you to maintain decorum and dignity. Not come across as a person with puerile behavior.
  • It was the job of the fireman to ensure that his crew did not conduct any kind of puerile behavior while working in the fire station.
  • When it is time for you to enjoy the puerile jokes of your friend, make sure that you laugh.
  • When children conduct puerilebehavior at times when they are supposed to be serious, it leads to a lot of management problems in the school.
  • Getting drunk and conducting yourself in a puerile manner is not something that goes down well with your family and relatives.

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