Pugnacious in a sentence

What does pugnacious mean? It means somebody that is more than inclined to fight, and is always quarrelsome.

Noun: -unpugnaciousness

Adjective: -unpugnacious

Sentence Examples:

  • it is always the pugnacious nature of the boy to talk back to his parents,; this has led to a lot of problems in the household.
  • The behavior of Jon which is normally pugnacious has ensured that he would always be lacking in the friends department.
  • I am often mistaken for my twin sister who happens to be quite pugnacious; she has led to a lot of confrontations in our house when there was no need for any.
  • It is unfortunately the nature of the people in Rwanda to become pugnacious after having a few alcoholic drinks.
  • When you come across my pugnacious dog, be certain to steer clear of him; there is no telling when he may turn on you.
  • Mr Barry has always been a person of a pugnacious nature, so it is of no surprise that he’s the same towards his class as well.
  • It is always the defendant that happens to be pugnacious whenever there is any kind of cross examination going on in the courtroom.

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