Pungent: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Pungent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Pungent, Pungency and Pungently.

Pungent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Pungent (adjective) means strong, penetrating or sharp. It can be used in multiple contexts. Pungent is most commonly used to describe strong aromas or foul smells of foods.

Figuratively, pungent can be used to describe sharp emotions, strong reactions, bitter words or biting remarks. In biology, it refers to the pointed shape of leaves.

Add pungent to your daily conversation by using it in place of strong, depending on the context of the sentence.

From aromatic food to a bitter statement, from unpleasant behavior to sarcastic comments, from biting commentary to poignant expression, use pungent in a variety of ways. This word can carry both, negative and positive connotations.

Pungent: Other Prammatical Forms

Pungency (noun)

Pungently (adverb)

Pungent in a Sentence Examples

1) There was no need to give your teacher such a pungent reply. You could have said the same thing calmly.

2) The sauce was so pungent that its aroma flew into my nostrils.

3) Her pungent wit sliced through the terse atmosphere in such a way that it broke the ice between all the newcomers.

4) My cat was bruised by the pungent leaves of the bushes when she rubbed against it to scratch herself.

5) If you keep talking to her with your pungent satire, she will stop coming to our house.

6) Her mother’s pungent words are enough to drive away any indefatigable salesman who knocks on the door.

7) It seems like their conversation is becoming more pungent. I hope it doesn’t end in a fight.

8) She hates chopping onions not just because they have a pungent smell, but also because they bring tears to her eyes.

9) Pungent words sound empty without strong actions to follow them up.

10) The smoke was way too pungent for the asthmatic patient.

11) The actress was embroiled in a pungent controversy after an unlicensed revolver was recovered from her place.

12) Bosses shouldn’t make pungent remarks about employees in front of their colleagues. It can embarrass them very much.

13) Adding bath salts in the tub will make your daily bathwater pungent and replete with essential minerals.

14) Don’t add too much rosemary to your preparation. This herb is more pungent than you think.

15) Westerners find the flavors of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines extremely pungent.

16) My teenage son’s mental makeup is pungent with rebellion. He won’t listen to a thing I say.

17) Even though the water was lukewarm, it gave me a pungent burning sensation when I spilt it on my own hands.

18) You will never get away with the pungent statements you have made about this institution to the media.

19) My boss’ reaction was pungent enough to let me know that I shouldn’t have done what I did.

20) Your article is too pungent and controversial to be published by a mainstream newspaper.

Pungency in a Sentence Examples

1) How do you manage to get so much pungency in your gravies? I use the same ingredients but I am never able to achieve the same taste.

2) I will never forget the pungency of his lectures. They motivated and inspired me to great lengths.

3) The pungency of garlic is unbearable because it stays in the mouth all day long.

4) The pungency of the pain will decrease once you finish half of your prescribed antibiotics.

5) I wonder why she subjected her guests to the pungency of bitter gourd at the dinner party.

Pungently in a Sentence Examples

1) The research pungently indicates that there may be a cure to cancer after all.

2) The doctor pungently advised the patient to take medicines on time. He warned her saying that she would be hospitalized if she didn’t.

3) The writer has expressed his emotions in the book very pungently. So much so, that it has moved many of his readers to tears.

4) The news of his sister’s death cut through his heart pungently.

5) The review pungently illustrated why the war torn nation did not want to trust the words of any international peacekeeping agency.


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