Rancid: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Rancid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Rancid, Rancidity, Rancidness and Rancidly.

Rancid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Rancid (adjective) means stale or sour. It refers to food that emanates a stench because of its decomposition.

It can be used to describe the horrible smell and taste of food that has gone bad because of being old or rotten.

Figuratively, the word rancid also refers to anything which is unpleasant, nasty or offensive.

This could be an evil remark, foul comment or a bad joke.

Rancid: Other Grammatical Forms

Rancidity (noun)

Rancidness (noun)

Rancidly (adverb)

Rancid in a Sentence Examples

1) All the food in the refrigerator went rancid because there was no power supply for five days.

2) Be careful before eating that margarine. Smell it to check if it has gone rancid or not.

3) The newspaper is full of rancid remarks for the minister. She’s bound to lose the elections this time around.

4) People in that country are so poor that they don’t even mind eating rancid food.

5) We had to conduct a social experiment in a rancid landfill. It was the most invigorating experience of our lives.

6) The chef’s career was over on the day he unknowingly served rancid food to his most important guest.

7) Once the supplies begin to go rancid, the supermarkets start selling them at low prices.

8) It’s not right to serve rancid food to customers just because they don’t send their dishes back.

9) The smell of rancid blood was so repulsive that we couldn’t even step into the room where the dead body was kept.

10) His rancid words hurt his mother so much that she decided never to see him again.

Rancidity in a Sentence Examples

1) The rancidity of the air in the room was enough to tell us that the house had not been opened since months.

2) The rancidity of her attitude made her impossible to work with. But I had to put up with her because she was in my team.

3) The rancidity of the dead body’s odor started spreading everywhere because there was no one to attend to it.

4) The rancidity of the stench nearly killed me. It was so obnoxious that I puked.

5) Can you imagine really sour lime juice? That’s what rancidity would probably taste like.

6) The rancidity of his remarks added a very bad taste to an otherwise healthy debate.

7) There is a peculiar harshness and rancidity in the way he talks.

8) The rancidity in his speech was mainly aimed towards his detractors who he couldn’t insult in public.

9) Rancidity is a big issue in the food business. Every packet of food that goes bad spells losses for the manufacturers.

10) The blog does a great job of giving ideas to delay rancidity in delicate foods.

Rancidness in a Sentence Examples

1) She is paying the price for the rancidness with which she made a few comments against her boss.

2) You can prevent rancidness of milk if you boil it and then store it.

3) The rancidness of your thoughts will take you nowhere. Try being more positive and accepting of everyone.

4) The rancidness of some odors is so pungent that it cannot be eliminated even by the best air fresheners.

5) Rancidness of fruits is common when they aren’t packaged and stored properly, especially during summer.

Rancidly in a Sentence Examples

1) She spoke rancidly against the people who sued her, showing them what she was really made of.

2) The article rancidly outlined instances of jealously and hate that had transpired between the two warring business families.

3) The negotiations were carried out pretty rancidly – not something you’d expect from a billion dollar company.

4) As they stepped into the rancidly miserable apartment, they realized that they’d need professional cleaning services to make the place livable.

5) Their statements were not just offensive, but rancidly so.

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