Rapt: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Rapt in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Rapt and Raptly.

Rapt Definition and Meaning with Examples

Rapt (adjective) means enthralled or spellbound. It refers to a person or thing which is riveting and absolutely engrossing.

It can also be used to describe a state of appearing preoccupied because of being totally absorbed in something.

The word also suggests the feeling of being mesmerized or charmed by something.

For example, a mother would be rapt with joy on seeing her daughter after a long time. Similarly, an audience would listen to a charismatic leader with rapt attention.

Rapt: Other Grammatical Forms

Raptly (adverb)

Rapt in a Sentence Examples

1) Rapt with desire, she decided to pen a series of poems which would express her feelings for the man she loved so much.

2) Students listened to their teacher with rapt admiration. She was an amazing raconteur and told stories in a way that they came alive.

3) They were rapt with pleasure when they came to know the company had bagged the prestigious project.

4) He is a poet and it’s not unusual to find him rapt in thought for most part of the day.

5) She found her son being rapt with wonder and joy every time she finished narrating him a bedtime story.

6) His mother was rapt with joy when she opened the gift that her son gave her for Mother’s Day.

7) A rapt audience gave him a standing ovation after he finished playing the melody.

8) It’s an amazing feeling to perform to packed houses and rapt audiences.

9) When she finished, she paused to scan the audiences. That’s when she realized that her listeners were rapt with joy.

10) My son watched the superhero movie, sitting in rapt fascination in front of the TV for a straight two hours.

11) His grandmother was rapt with delight when she saw him at her door after a long period of fifteen years.

12) I tried to shake her out of her reverie, but she was rapt in thought.

13) The audience’s rapt admiration for the speakers on the stage made all the technical snags go unnoticed.

14) All mothers are bound to be rapt with happiness  on seeing their kids graduate from college.

15) He was the only leader in history who was heard with rapt attention by people across the globe.

Raptly in a Sentence Examples

1) He was listening to the radio so raptly that he didn’t even sense his daughter’s presence right behind him.

2) He had all the oratory skills that were needed to get an audience to raptly listen to his speeches.

3) The kids looked at the artifacts raptly as the teacher explained their historical significance.

4) She observed the brush strokes of the painting raptly. We could see that her heart was set on buying the piece.

5) She listened to the composition so raptly that she could pinpoint exactly where the patches had been juxtaposed during the post-production.

6) They stared at the TV screen raptly so that they could keep a close tab on the fluctuating prices of the stock.

7) She knows how to wield magic with her words and make her kids listen to her raptly.

8) They looked at each other raptly after they said the same thing at the exact same time.

9) She looked at me raptly, as if she was in awe of me after the impressive lecture I had delivered.

10) The student studied his teacher’s feedback raptly so that he could implement as many changes in his work as he possibly could.

11) He gaped at the girl raptly enough to make her feel totally uncomfortable and awkward.

12) My parents listened to the composer raptly. Their closed eyes and swaying heads were enough to show how much they were enjoying it.

13) He has a flamboyant personality and is the kind of conversationalist that you would listen to quite raptly.

14) He sat next to the bowl in which the goldfish was kept and stared raptly at its restless movements.

15) They looked at him eagerly and raptly, waiting for him to deliver his magical words of advice.

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