Rancor: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Rancor in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Rancor, Rancorous, Rancorously and Rancorousness.

Rancor Definition and Meaning with Examples

Rancor (noun) means spite or malice. It can be used to describe the feelings of envy or bitterness in a person.

It can be defined by a deep sense of personal hatred for someone which arises out of covetousness, anger or resentment.

Use rancor to suggest hostility and enmity.

Hating others because they are doing better than you, trying to pull down others because of envy or detesting someone because of ill feelings can be expressed with the word rancor.

Rancor: Other Grammatical Forms

Rancorous (adjective)

Rancorously (adverb)

Rancorousness (noun)

Rancor in a Sentence Examples

1) You cannot harbor such rancor against your brother just because he has managed to become successful and you have not.

2) Amidst all the political rancor, another complication was added by the natural disaster that took the country by storm.

3) No matter how nicely they behave with each other, their relationship is marked by nothing but rancor from within.

4) I have earned my sister’s rancor for being more successful than her. She has always been an insecure person.

5) Their relationship is marked by rancor. No matter what happens now, nothing will be able to bring them together again.

6) She could sense the rancor in his voice even after all these years. That’s when she realized that unrequited love could have such a deep impact.

7) He will forget his rancor the minute you smother him with hugs and kisses to tell him how much you really love him.

8) How can parents ever harbor rancor towards their children? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

9) If your conscience is full of rancor, you will never be able to give or take forgiveness.

10) Always drive your actions with positivity. Don’t let rancor be your motivator.

Rancorous in a Sentence Examples

1) Their angry, rancorous conversation got everyone’s attention. They began talking loudly, forgetting that they were in a formal setting.

2) I never knew that a small fight would lead to such a rancorous discussion with my best friend.

3) The author is famous for penning rancorous characters in her thrillers.

4) She is docile by nature but her husband is rancorous. I don’t know how they’ve found happiness in each other.

5) All the misunderstandings that they haven’t sorted out have made them rancorous towards each other.

6) A rancorous heart can never be consoled. It will always be insecure, anxious and skeptical of everyone and everything.

7) What is the point of being so rancorous when you are not going to take your fight all the way to the end?

8) Don’t be so rancorous about the burdens and liabilities that you have to carry. Everyone is destined to live different lives.

9) There is a rancorous streak in her personality. She becomes envious of other people’s accomplishments and possessions very easily.

10) No one likes to work with her because he is vicious and rancorous by nature.

Rancorously in a Sentence Examples

1) It’s common for pop stars and celebrities to rancorously spew venom on each other on national television.

2) You have no right to react rancorously to her newfound wealth. She has worked hard for it while you have just wasted your time away.

3) He hurled abuses at her rancorously just because he was jealous of her new boyfriend.

4) All his colleagues rancorously ganged up against him to ensure that he did not get promoted.

5) She gave me her best wishes rancorously, as if she was secretly hoping for me to fail.

Rancorousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The rancorousness they felt for each other was palpable.

2) The key is to channel your rancorousness and make yourself a better person.

3) The rancorousness with which both of them approached this discussion was enough to show how much they hated each other.

4) My parents always taught me that it’s good to argue in a healthy way, not with rancorousness.

5) Behavior driven by rancorousness might give you advantage in the short term but in the long run it is always a losing proposition.

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