Rapport in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Rapport in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Rapport.

Rapport Definition and Meaning with Examples

Rapport (noun) refers to a cordial or friendly relationship between two people or more.

In conversation, the word suggests a relationship which is slightly more than an acquaintance and a little less than a friendship. A rapport can be of a formal or informal nature.

Use rapport to describe an empathetic relationship between people.

The word is typically used to express a geniality between teachers and students, celebrities and fans, doctors and patients, bosses and colleagues, presenters and their audiences.

Rapport: Other Grammatical Forms


Rapport in a Sentence Examples

1) The counselor could talk to all the students about their personal lives because he had established a good rapport with them since their freshman years.

2) Their rapport was not limited to weather talk. They knew each other more deeply.

3) She made it a point to strike a rapport with her professor because she knew that she would need his extra help and guidance in the future.

4) I was envious of the rapport that my colleague shared with our boss. Even I wanted to be able to go out for coffee with the big gun of the company.

5) Their common native place helped them to strike an instant rapport. It was like an invisible tie that connected them.

6) The rapport that the committee built with the government over so many years came crashing down because of a trivial disagreement.

7) I wonder how people who share no rapport with each other manage to perform intimate dances like Tango and Salsa as if they are passionate lovers.

8) The delegation was unsuccessful in building a rapport with their hosts as they didn’t understand each other’s languages.

9) Since sales people are generally amicable, it becomes easy for them to strike a rapport with even with random people.

10) Their professional rapport eventually grew into a long lasting friendship which later converted itself into a wonderful marriage. Now they have three children.

11) Why don’t you let the manager sort out these issues with the clients? It seems he has a really good rapport with them.

12) Creating a rapport with the people you work with is a prerequisite of the professional world.

13) Her welcoming body language suggested that she was interested in saying hello and building a gradual rapport with me.

14) My brother’s rapport with his doctor is very genuine. He would surely know if he had a terminal disease.

15) It will take some effort and initiative to build a rapport with your new classmates, especially if you are an introvert.

16) The close rapport of my colleague with her manager was mistaken to be the start of a workplace romance by many.

17) The musicians met each other for the first time but were easily able to strike a rapport with each other because of their passion for music.

18) My dream was not limited to meeting the famous businessman, but also to establish a rapport with him in such a way that I could approach him whenever I wanted.

19) The lecturer made the presentation interactive and asked questions to his audience so that he could strike a rapport with them and make the evening engaging.

20) She is a difficult and obstinate person who is impossible to share a rapport with.

21) She was given an extension for the loan repayment only because she has a good rapport with the bank manager. Otherwise, she would have been in trouble.

22) Having a different level of rapport with each classmate is understandable. It is impossible to have the same kind of friendship with everyone.

23) You better develop a rapport with the person you aim to coach. You won’t be a good mentor if you can’t get people to open up to you.

24) An argument about the pettiest thing created a dent in the lovely rapport they had painstakingly developed over the years.

25) Everyone was trying to have a rapport with the lady after it was discovered that she was going to be the class grader.

26) By planting actors in the midst of the audience, the director wanted to introduce a new style of creating a rapport.

27) The actor and his wife didn’t socialize with the politician just to be in the newspapers. They had a genuine rapport with him.

28) The teacher was extremely active on social media during summer holidays because she wanted her new class to have a rapport with her before school started.

29) The kindergarten teachers do a great job of helping toddlers to build a rapport with their new surroundings.

30) The little girl’s warmth and effervescence helped her to create a rapport with her new adopted baby brother.

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