Reiterate in a sentence

What does reiterate  mean?: -repeat something for a number of times

Noun: -reiteration

Adjective: -reiterable

Sentence Examples: –

  • is it really necessary for me to reiterate everything that you have to say?
  • There is often no need for me to reiterate everything, if you just pay attention to my classes, and go according to plan.
  • After the recent killings, it was necessary for the minister to reiterate the plan of God, and help people realize where they happen to be going wrong.
  • If it becomes unbecoming of you to reiterate everything that you say, how do you expect others to behave when you do the same thing to them?
  • The main purpose of sending you an email is to reiterate all the points mentioned in the meeting and to help you set a guideline.
  • This is because the waiter does not speak English that you need to reiterate everything that you say.
  • Before going out on the field for the final game, the coach reiterated all the points, and ensured that his students understood everything.

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