Relegate in a sentence

What does relegate mean? It means to send somebody to a position that is inferior to its current status.

Noun: -relegation

Adjective: -unrelegated

Sentence Examples:

  • When the actors have not been able to perform to the best of their abilities, it was upon the director to relegate them, and to ensure that new faces would be brought into the picture.
  • When it was the job of the Sec to pick up the mail, and she failed to do so, the CEO did everything to relegate that employee to a designation that was unfit.
  • The club was to relegate to a lower division due to not being able to notch up points in the league table.
  • If you are extremely shy, then you would need to relegate yourself to a table that does not have a lot of people. This is the only be in which you will be able to enjoy the party.
  • When you do not want your employer to relegate you, it is very important for you to stop saying things that do not have any control of, particularly in social media.
  • It is very important for you to study for the final examinations or you would relegate your identity to become a person that does not have any education whatsoever.

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