Remiss in a sentence

What does remiss mean? It means to be negligent in the performance of their duty.

Noun: -remissness

Adjective: -overremiss

Sentence Examples: –

  • If, as the parent of a dog, you fail to feed the dog, then you would be remiss in taking care of the responsibility of that creature.
  • If you happen to be remiss in your duties as a waiter, do not forget that the tips are in the hands of the consumers.
  • Gary was furious that the landlord was remiss when it came to making the appropriate amount of repairs in the building. This led to a lot of problems in hygiene.
  • It is very important for you to not remiss on the payment of any kind of loans, or else you would end up getting a very bad credit score.
  • Since you have been remiss in taking care of your car payments, it is the right of the loan company to recover your car and sell it off.
  • You should not be remiss of your education; that is the only path that you have to improve your future.

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