Use Repulsive In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Repulsive in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Repulsive, Repulsion, Repulsively and Repulse.

Repulsive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Repulsive (adjective) means anything that causes a feeling of disgust or loathe. It can be used to describe anything which drives one away because of being detestable.

Add this word in your vocabulary by using it to convey a feeling of being put off in an intense way. Associate with an ugly sight, a dreadful smell or an offensive action.

Repulsive can also be used in the specific context of behavior to describe disrespect or lack of courtesy (Check courtesy in a sentence).

In conversation, the word repulsive can add an extra layer of intensity as compared to words like disgusting, sickening or repelling.

Repulsive: Other Grammatical Forms

Repulsion (noun)

Repulsively (adverb)

Repulse (verb)

Repulsiveness (noun)

Repulsive in a Sentence Examples

1) Be glad that you didn’t take your son along with you for the movie. It had some really gory and repulsive sequences.

2) Since the place hasn’t been occupied from the past few years, it has become dirty to the point of being repulsive.

3) I should have known that he is a male chauvinist pig. His thoughts about women are repulsive.

4) The party turned out to be repulsive because everyone was puking on the dance floor.

5) The reason that the bottle of wine smelt repulsive was that we stored it at the wrong temperature for such a long time.

6) That girl should do something about her acne. It is making her face look even more repulsive.

7) It is repulsive to read the papers these days because they are replete with news regarding murder, robbery and assaults.

8) The advertisement created by the ad agency was more repulsive than thrilling, which is why it was rejected by their clients.

9) Many find the histrionics of celebrities like Lady Gaga repulsive.

10) Our teacher found our idea of applying toothpaste on everyone’s face while they were asleep, very repulsive.

Repulsion in a Sentence Examples

1) My husband knows my repulsion towards seafood very well. He knows that I can’t bear to see dead sea animals on my plate.

2) He was engulfed with repulsion when they retrieved his father’s murdered body from the morgue.

3) There is no place for repulsion in the lives of landfill workers as they have to work in squalor all day.

4) A successful villain in a story is one who causes repulsion to the audience.

5) Seeing a snake gobble up an innocent rabbit caused repulsion throughout my body.

6) If your employee has foul breath, body odor and shabby apparel, it can cause your clients much repulsion.

7) You must pick a Halloween costume that causes maximum repulsion to people around you. That is what Halloween is all about.

8) Don’t cause your lady repulsion by having untrimmed facial hair.

9) I experienced nothing but repulsion when I saw a zombie movie for the first time.

10) The more he tried to woo her, the more she felt nothing but repulsion for him.

Repulsively in a Sentence Examples

1) She looked repulsively at the carcass on the street, cursing herself for taking that route.

2) The movie wasn’t bad. It was repulsively bad.

3) On seeing him throw a stone at an injured dog, she looked at him repulsively.

4) The little baby reacted repulsively to the toy because it looked more monstrous than cute.

5) Anyone would find a pool of vomit dreadful, but he did not need to react so repulsively to it.

Repulse in a Sentence Examples

1) She was repulsed by the fact that her sister didn’t show up at their mother’s funeral.

2) You are repulsing me by spitting your food back into your plate. Be a good boy and eat it up.

3) Don’t let the nasty mess of the kitchen repulse you. As a kitchen hand, you have to work here every day from now on.

4) Can you please stop talking about such dirty things that repulse me while I am eating my food?

5) Her elaborate makeup repulsed me rather than making me admire her.

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