How to use Courtesy In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Courtesy in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Courtesy.

Courtesy: Definition and Meaning

Courtesy (noun) essentially means politeness and civility. It is used to describe a certain formality, cordiality or gracious gesture. This meaning is common to the word courteous. In this context, it can be used as ‘showing someone courtesy or give someone ‘a courtesy call’.

Courtesy can also refer to anything which is done for free, out of generosity or as a favour. This includes the usage ‘traveling in a courtesy vehicle’ or ‘getting good accommodation, courtesy His Highness’.

Courtesy also refers to common consent or agreement for an act. This includes a courtesy title bequeathed on a person out of love or respect.

Create a sentence using courtesy and describe someone who has good manners, grace and amicableness.

In informal contexts, courtesy is often used to describe respectfulness. In formal contexts, it is used to express various nuances of politeness as mentioned above.

Courtesy: Other Grammatical Forms


Courtesy in a Sentence Examples

1) It doesn’t matter if you can’t attend the party, a courtesy call will suffice.

2) If you can’t send him a gift, at least extend the courtesy of calling him and appreciating his thoughtful gesture.

3) She has been drinking in the pub all night by the courtesy of her friend who has graciously hosted the party.

4) The consultant agreed to relocate to another country permanently by the courtesy of the host company who would bear all his expenses.

5) I had a field day window shopping in the mall and driving around town, courtesy my elder sister who was visiting us for Thanksgiving.

6) You owe your parents the courtesy of an explanation about your misdemeanours, if not an apology.

7) My father didn’t particularly want to attend his friend’s wedding, but he wanted to return her the courtesy as she had been helped to him earlier.

8) I paid my grandmother a courtesy visit when I traveled to Chicago. That was the last time I saw her.

9) He revelled in the victory of winning the courtesy title of ‘Sir’ from his favorite students.

10) The open space in our neighboured has been converted into an informal football ground by courtesy only.

11) Thank God for all the courtesy battery cars scuttling around airports. It makes internal travel much easier.

12) The busy CEO graced the charity event only by courtesy, because of its philanthropic nature.

13) My friend got courtesy passes to the rock show and gave them to me. I was more than thrilled.

14) The rival businessmen exchanged courtesies with each other in public, but everyone knew about their enmity.

15) His teacher met his parents out of courtesy, but she was not ready to accept any excuses for his misbehaviour.

16) All the exorbitant spirits that you see in the party are by the courtesy of our flamboyant CEO. He likes showing his employees a good time.

17) I went to my ex-wife’s family reunion out of courtesy. I didn’t want our divorce to come in the way of my relationship with her family who I knew since long.

18) His courtesy visit to his foster mother was due as he hadn’t met her since he moved interstate to finish his degree.

19) My colleague should have shown our boss the courtesy of dropping him home after the conference.

20) It’s only a courtesy title. Don’t let it make you proud and haughty.

21) We have never really understood all the courtesy titles that members of the royal family have held since so many years.

22) The cops were smart enough to trace his personal information from his supermarket courtesy card he swiped every time while buying groceries.

23) Because the businessman stayed at the hotel repeatedly, the management sponsored a courtesy holiday for his wife.

24) Without wasting time in courtesies and small talk, they got straight to the point and discussed what they were there for.

25) Teach your child the basic courtesy of saying sorry when she does something wrong.

26) Although they did him the courtesy of providing accommodation, their behavior towards him was hostile.

27) Kids these days have forgotten to use common courtesies in daily life. This includes everything from helping an elderly person cross the road to saying thank you.

28) I can ask him to come to your place at your courtesy. If this saves you an hour’s ride, he would be happy to oblige.

29) The actor called for a courtesy press meet to explain all the confusion that happened with the police.

30) If you want to be called chivalrous, the first thing you will have to do is show women a lot of courtesy.

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