Rescind in a sentence

What does rescind mean? It means to invalidate with the help of a higher authority.

Noun: -rescinder

Adjective: -unrescinded

Sentence Examples:

  • There is absolutely no way in which people would be that her boyfriend would try to rescind the marriage proposal.
  • It is primarily because of all the illegal activities that the government took to rescind the act of procreation in restaurants.
  • It was only after getting their demands met that the union workers would want to rescind on their strike.
  • If you do not try and rescind on your financial agreement, then you would not have any kind of money left.
  • Despite the different kinds of criticism heaped upon the health plans, there was in no way that the Senators will try and rescind that particular agenda from the house.
  • Upon noting that the athletes were taking banned drugs and steroids, it was the job of the authorities of the sports Association to try and rescind all the honour and glory along with the money given to those people.

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