Robust in a Sentence

What does robust mean? It means somebody that is strong as well as healthy.

Noun: -robustness

Adjective: -unrobust

Sentence Examples:

  • If you are looking at an actor with a robust voice, then you need not look further than Morgan Freeman.
  • When you realize that you need to be robust in order to get the job of a fireman, then go and visit a gymnasium at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • The main problem with being a robust is that nobody asks whether you are hurt after a fight.
  • According to the latest report by my doctor, I seem to have a robust physical appearance, and that has put me in a very good mood.
  • When you require a robust flame around the might fire, it is very important for you to carry some sort of gasoline to ignite it at regular intervals.
  • When you get a whiff of the robust flavor that is to be found in your food, you find that to be coming from the garlic that has been provided in generous proportions within your food.
  • My grandfather is no more robust; this is the main reason as to why I do not ride on his shoulders anymore.

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