Use Sagacity in a Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Sagacity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Sagacity, Sagacious and Sagaciously.

Sagacity Definition and Meaning with Examples

Sagacity (noun) means wisdom. It is a positive virtue which suggests qualities of level-headedness, prudence and understanding.

This word can be used as an alternative for wisdom to add more weight and substance to a sentence. In addition to wisdom, sagacity connotes a sound sense of discriminating the right from the wrong.

Include the word sagacity in your daily vocabulary by using it for something which signifies mature and wise.

Use it in a sentence by associating it with good teachers, intelligent friends, smart businessmen, understanding parents or a situation in which someone has exercised sharp judgment.

Sagacity: Other Grammatical Forms

Sagacious (adjective)

Sagaciously (adverb)

Sagaciousness (noun)

Sagacity in a Sentence Examples

1) Sagacity is not always gathered through bookish knowledge, but also though life experience.

2) My teacher’s sagacity elevates her to the position of a mentor rather than being just another ordinary school teacher.

3) It takes a degree to make a lawyer, skill to make a good one, but sagacity to make a great one.

4) A person with sagacity is likely to take a long term approach with permanent benefits rather than a short term approach with temporary benefits.

5) In a job interview, one of the qualities that an employer can instantly recognize is a candidate’s sagacity in his or her area of work.

6) A show of sagacity is more helpful than a show of strength.

7) If I had to associate an image with the word sagacity, it would be an old man with a white beard, wrinkles under his eyes and a book in his hand.

8) She doesn’t have as much sagacity and knowledge as she ought to have at her position and authority.

9) Many people have wealth, but very few people have the sagacity to use it in the right way.

10) One of the biggest advantages of reading autobiographies is that you can develop sagacity by knowing about other people’s experiences.

Sagacious in a Sentence Examples

1) Some people are clever, some people are smart, some people are righteous and some people are practical. But the person who has a right mix of all these qualities can be called truly sagacious.

2) My parents were sagacious enough to allow me to learn the hard way.

3) Owls have been portrayed as sagacious creatures of the animal kingdom in many aspects of popular culture.

4) Good observation skills can make a person sagacious and astute.

5) It takes a sagacious mind to discriminate between right and wrong and make the right decisions in life.

6) Wearing spectacles can make a person look very sagacious.

7) The best way to become more sagacious is to make learn lessons from everyday life.

8) A manager is always better off if he has sagacious subordinates to fall back on.

9) The mark of a sagacious professor is that he is humble enough to learn from his students.

10) It is a misconception that sagacity comes with age. Even young people can be sagacious.

Sagaciously in a Sentence Examples

1) The girl gave her opinion sagaciously without being afraid of criticism.

2) My brother acted sagaciously during the medical emergency and that saved the little girl from dying.

3) Act sagaciously and respectfully with everyone. You never know who you may need in the future.

4) If a student behaves sagaciously, a teacher must acknowledge him by giving a compliment.

5) The cops acted sagaciously by providing psychiatric help to the thief instead of beating him black and blue.

6) Since an elderly person was present there, the situation was sagaciously dealt with.

7) The business tycoon sagaciously decided to bear temporary losses instead of firing his loyal employees who stuck with him through thick and thin.

8) I hope that the government makes amendments to the policy sagaciously. Else, people might protest.

9) She replied only after she listened to my entire argument sagaciously and calmly.

10) The only reason she didn’t regret her words is because she uttered them sagaciously in the first place.

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