Resilient in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Resilient in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Resilient, Resiliently and Resilience.

Resilient Definition and Meaning with Examples

Resilient (adjective) means flexible, supple or adaptable. It refers to the ability of getting back to normalcy after passing through a phase of adversity or crisis.

Resilient can apply to a person who is sturdy and tenacious or has the capacity to recover from an illness in a strong way.

When the word resilient is used for a thing, it refers to the substance or material’s ability to get back into its original shape after any kind of distortion or exposure.

Add the word resilient to your vocabulary to suggest the durability of a thing or the strength of a person’s character. Associate it with someone who has bounced back from trying times or recovered quickly from something troublesome.

Resilient: Other Grammatical Forms

Resiliently (adverb)

Resilience (noun)

Resilient in a Sentence Examples

1) If you want to study abroad as a student, you will have to be resilient, hard-working, determined and extremely perseverant.

2) The doctor was surprised to see the patient being so resilient even after he was told that he would not survive for more than three days.

3) If you take a few standard precautions, you may become more resilient to diseases like malaria and dengue when you travel abroad.

4) She did everything to make her child more resilient to common bowel ailments. This included trying out herbal medicines from exotic countries.

5) I want a fabric which is more resilient to stains because I am going to use it to stitch my son’s football shorts.

6) I’m not sure if my newborn is resilient enough to travel interstate yet. I might wait it out for a few months before I get him to travel.

7) It is the story of a resilient fisherman who continued fishing for livelihood in the same waters that took away his wife and daughter in a flood.

8) The civil engineer recommended a resilient metal for the parapet of the house which would not corrode with excessive rain or other environmental factors.

9) It was amazingly surprising to see him coming out resilient after every rejection. He was determined to succeed.

10) My father says that he is psychologically resilient to my lame jokes and petty comments.

Resiliently in a Sentence Examples

1) He recovered resiliently from a contagious disease after several months of bed rest, medicines and hospital visits.

2) The show was about a baby polar bear who resiliently survived the loss of his parents on the Arctic cap.

3) Since has was in the Army, he has been trained to react resiliently to all situations.

4) Our ancestors have fought resiliently against their imperial rulers and we shall never forget the debt of freedom that we owe to them.

5) The tests were conducted to see how resiliently the bacteria behaved towards external factors like temperature and light.

6) Only time will prove how resiliently he behaves when he runs out of money and finds no one to turn to.

7) Just because they have been resiliently strong throughout this stressful period, doesn’t mean we taken more advantage of them.

8) The film was about the people of Japan who resiliently survived the earthquake and lived to tell the morbid stories of its aftermath.

9) The book describes how resiliently the soldiers went through the ordeals of war without questioning the diktats of the government even once.

10) The protest was carried out resiliently by the people over a period of fifteen days continuously.

Resilience in a Sentence Examples

1) They showed a lot of resilience in the times of paucity. Not once did they complain that they didn’t have enough food or water.

2) The earthquake victims showed immense resilience. Even though the devastation of the city was in front of their eyes, they vowed to rehabilitate their city.

3) Don’t test his mental resilience by doing things he doesn’t like. If he reaches his saturation point, all hell will break loose.

4) She showed remarkable resilience after her mother’s death.

5) The city council held the event in honor of the resilience that the locals showed after riots broke out.

6) The show tested the resilience of its contestants by putting them though tasks which were designed to throw them right out of their comfort zone.

7) Despite so many economic setbacks, the death of their son and unjust social repercussions, the family has shown an amazing amount of resilience.

8) Tolerance and resilience are textbook values. During times of insurgency, no one really remembers them.

9) The people of this country have shown a lot of post-war resilience. I just hope the government doesn’t take it for granted.

10) Do you think this light plastic material is strong enough to show resilience to all the thunderstorms that this place is prone to?

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