Sacrosanct in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Sacrosanct in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Sacrosanct and Sacrosanctity.

Sacrosanct Definition and Meaning with Examples

Sacrosanct (adjective) means respected and inviolable. It refers to something which is so sacred that it cannot be threatened.

The word sacrosanct can be used for a place, thing, person or preference which is so important that it cannot be challenged, questioned, trespassed or criticized.

It can refer to something full of gravitas or something very casual.

For example, the ritual of tucking her children into bed can be sacrosanct to a mother or a manager’s instructions may be sacrosanct to her subordinate.

Sacrosanct: Other Grammatical Forms

Sacrosanctity (noun)

Sacrosanct in a Sentence Examples

1) On weekends, his time with his children is sacrosanct. That’s because he is extremely busy during the weekdays.

2) The place where she buried her cat in the backyard was sacrosanct to her. No one else in the family was allowed to do anything else there.

3) The written word in our business contract is sacrosanct. If it’s not kept, trust can be broken forever.

4) Whatever his mother says is sacrosanct for him. He will blindly follow her without thinking.

5) We were asked to innovate and think about disruptive ideas for the project but the central theme was to be considered sacrosanct.

6) The democracy of this nation is sacrosanct. At no cost should it be negatively impacted by our enmity with other nations.

7) The principles and morals of his father are sacrosanct for our family. We will always abide by them.

8) My manager’s words are considered to be sacrosanct around here. No one dares to refute them.

9) His allegiance to the group was sacrosanct. Not even his family could interfere in his choices and decisions.

10) No matter how many attempts you make in convincing him, his final word will be sacrosanct.

11) No matter how sacrosanct he considers our relationship to be, he will have to accept that it’s not working out for me.

12) My mother considered our Sunday brunch hour to be sacrosanct and hated how it was always interrupted by my business calls.

13) The library is the most sacrosanct spot in the house. It’s not allowed to be touched without permission.

14) There are some unwritten rules in the game and they’re sacrosanct. They can’t be broken at any cost.

15) What’s written in this dossier is sacrosanct and cannot be dismissed.

16) My grandmother’s morning prayers are sacrosanct for her. She doesn’t like being disturbed by anyone in the morning.

17) The family considers Mother’s Day as sacrosanct because that’s the only time when the family from all over the country manages to come together.

18) Sometimes, gossip can be a sacrosanct part of a friendship.

19) The confidentiality of this clause is sacrosanct. The breach of which, will turn the whole agreement into a debacle.

20) Her mentor’s advice is sacrosanct to her. She will do exactly what he says.

21) This book is sacrosanct for the tribe. They will trade it for nothing in the world.

22) Freedom of speech must be sacrosanct for the citizens of a country. Only then will they go to all lengths to defend it.

23) They won’t change their ways because they think that the norms set by their ancestors are sacrosanct.

24) Your ethics may be sacrosanct to you but you can’t expect others to stick by them too.

25) By decorating the room with everything she liked, she gave it a special touch and made it a sacrosanct place.

Sacrosanctity in a Sentence Examples

1) All the sacrosanctity in their relationship died on the day he cheated on his wife.

2) Even if you move a single item on his desk, he will consider it to be a violation of the sacrosanctity of his workspace.

3) People were enraged because the sacrosanctity of their community was challenged.

4) Many directors think that filming on the mobile phone has taken away from the sacrosanctity of the real filmmaking process.

5) If you think that associating your name with the rock band will affect the sacrosanctity of your work, then you should refrain from doing so.

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