Sagacious in a sentence

What does sagacious mean? It means to show a tremendous practical sense, a person that has a shrewd mentality.

Noun: -sagaciousness

Adjective: -quasi-sagacious

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you are sagacious, it is only time, and a certain place in mention that will be able to help you to live a better life without coming across any kind of complications.
  • You have to realize that it was the sagacious idea of the CEO of the company to replace all the typewriters with computers. It led to an increase in revenue and a lot of time was saved in the process.
  • It is not very sagacious if you think that you can drink poison and still remain alive. It is foolhardy thing for you to do.
  • When fishermen are warned about an impending tornado, it would be sagacious of them not venture out into the high seas.
  • Whenever Johnny needed any kind of advice, he would run to his sagacious friend.
  • The sagacious invention of the telephone certainly led to a revolution of sorts.

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