Use Snobbish in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

Snobbish (adjective) means haughty or condescending.

The word can be used to describe people who feel that they are superior to others because they have more wealth, social standing, prestigious titles or academic laurels. Such people look down upon others because they think that others don’t have what they do.

Add the word snobbish to your vocabulary to describe proud and arrogant people who think they are better than others for any reason.

A snob is typically a person who feels exclusive because of reasons such as being a rich father’s child, knowing more about wines than others, graduating from an Ivy League school or being more fashionable and good-looking than the rest.

Snobbish: Other Grammatical Forms

Snobbishly (adverb)

Snob (noun)

Snobbishness (noun)

Snobbish in a Sentence Examples

1) He lives in his ivory tower and is too snobbish to mix with people who are not as rich as him.

2) Why do most academicians become snobbish when more education is supposed to make you humbler?

3) My mother didn’t want me to go to a private school because she didn’t want me to have snobbish friends.

4) My father never took to wine because he always thought it was a snobbish drink.

5) He thinks he has the right to become snobbish only because he has been employed by one of the biggest organizations of the country.

6) He looked snobbish in a suit. Maybe because I was not used to seeing him in something so formal.

7) If not for his snobbish demeanor, I would have definitely forgiven him even if he didn’t apologize for his mistake.

8) Everyone thought she would be a snobbish person because she was an actress, but she turned out to be very amicable.

9) I refuse to join a group of snobbish film buffs who watch only foreign films and talk in movie jargon.

10) She was being snobbish when she smirked on seeing you eat noodles with a fork instead of chopsticks.

Snobbishly in a Sentence Examples

1) You have no right to talk snobbishly just because you are a millionaire’s son. You can afford to become haughty only when you’ve earned your own money and fame.

2) This award is so prestigious that students start behaving snobbishly after having the good fortune of receiving it.

3) All the attention and limelight that celebrities receive on a daily basis tends to make them snobbish, even if that is not an intrinsic part of their nature.

4) He is not mingling with his colleagues and learning from them just because of his snobbish attitude.

5) She looked at the bracelet snobbishly, as if to tell me that it wasn’t something that she would even consider wearing.

6) She would stop behaving snobbishly if her husband stopped giving her oodles of money to spend on fur coats and expensive baubles.

7) The invite was very snobbishly worded as it welcomed only those people who were from a certain social strata.

8) Being the head honcho of the company, she could have spoken snobbishly to the intern but she was gracious enough not to do so.

9) The manager rejected my idea snobbishly without even hearing it properly. He thought that he knew more than me just because he was more senior.

10) I was looking at everyone on the streets snobbishly because I was wearing my brand new designer fur coat.

Snob in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t be a snob and refuse to travel in a train. You know that we can’t afford taking the flight right now.

2) My boss behaves like a snob even when he goes out for drinks with his subordinates. He likes maintaining power hegemonies outside office too.

3) The reason he is being a snob today is because he has just clinched a million dollar deal.

4) She is a snob as far as academics is concerned but otherwise, she is an extremely warm and helpful person.

5) Behaving like an intellectual snob, he deliberately waxed eloquent about a topic that he knew no one else would understand.

6) The baroque interior along with the walls full of classical paintings added to the snob appeal of the room.

7) If people hate wine snobs, why do they secretly aspire to become like them?


8) Quit being a snob and bragging about your credentials in sports if you want to make some good friends.

9) Looking at the car from which he stepped out, everyone thought he would be a total snob.

10) Talking in Spanish at a place where no one understands the language will make you come across like a snob.

Snobbishness in a Sentence Examples

1) His snobbishness is a result of all the pampering he has received as a child. If he would have been brought up with a little more discipline, he wouldn’t have behaved this way.

2) Snobbishness has no place in my classroom. If you want to hold your nose up in the air just because you have a lot of money, you are free to leave.

3) Their snobbishness was apparent in the way they were selecting their wines and talking about the different gourmet cuisines they had tried.

4) All the snobbishness of our neighborhood has rubbed off on my son. I wish he would have grown up in a regular neighborhood.

5) The snobbishness of the hotel was enhanced by the fact that its waiters, administrative staff and bell boys spoke only in French.

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