Sedulous in a sentence

What does sedulous  mean?: – A person showing diligence and dedication

Noun: -sedulousness

Adjective: -unsedulous

Sentence Examples: –

  • Even when you destroy your ant farm, it is the sedulous nature of their ants to go back to building their hive without any kind of interruptions of problems.
  • Even after being told that Joanna was in a relationship with someone, Heaton did not want to abandon his efforts, although sedulous, so as to get a date with her.
  • Just so that she would be able to get good grades in this exam, Hannah locked herself up in her own story room, so as to undertake studies with sedulous diligence and efficient concentration.
  • Donkeys are known to be extremely sedulous creatures; they are amongst the best when it comes to carrying an impressive amount of weight in their body.
  • As a radio jockey, it is the sedulous nature with which he has been able to associate himself with his audience that endeared him to a lot of people and his loyal followings fawned upon him.

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