Semantics in a sentence

What does semantics  mean?: – The true meaning of a phrase or word

Noun: -semanticist, semantician

Sentence Examples: –

  • when you make an argument that is filled with abuses, you certainly get all the semantics pretty clear.
  • It is only when a computer programmer works on a court that he or she will be able to understand the total semantics that lies behind those codes.
  • Although the teacher truly wanted to increase my grades, but the misuse of semantics on an alarming scale did not enable her to do so. Rather, she made it a point to give me private coaching lessons so as to get my grades up.
  • This because you happen to be from a different culture than mine, it becomes extremely hard for you to grasp these semantics that I would obviously throw at you.
  • There was a time in which semantics played a very big part in the study of modern culture. Now, with the Internet, people can learn a lot of things without the need for any coaching lessons.
  • Of the various things that you could possibly do to learn new languages, getting to know about the semantics and implementing them like local people is the best that you can do.

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