Solemn: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Solemn in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Solemn, Solemnly, Solemnity and Solemnness.

Solemn: Definition and Meaning

Solemn (adjective) means serious or grave. It can be used to describe any person, thing or situation which is sober or earnest.

Solemn can also refer to something which is sedate, even to the point of being gloomy.

The meaning of solemn may also refer to dignified, impressive or awe-inspiring.

The word can also be used in reference to anything which is ceremonially performed.

Solemn can refer any action accompanied with religious rites.

Create a sentence with the word solemn to express an underlined tone of seriousness in a person or situation. Associate it with a grave ceremony, earnest oath, plain beauty, heartfelt song, serious occasion, somber comments or staid color palette.

Solemn: Other Grammatical Forms

Solemnly (adverb)

Solemnity (noun)

Solemnness (noun)

Solemn in a Sentence Examples

1) The beautiful chords played on the guitar lent a solemn touch to the otherwise cheerful melody composed by my son.

2) She was not appropriately dressed at the solemn event of her boyfriend’s mother’s death anniversary. She should have picked something more sober.

3) The event manager gave us a choice between various violin and cello tunes to be used as the background music for the solemn occasion.

4) Her son apologized to all the people he had hurt emotionally and made a solemn promise to make up to them in due time.

5) The solemn blues and grays of the sky inspired me to write poetry, a skill that was buried inside the depths of my heart from a long time.

6) All the stalwarts of the industry got together to launch the business tycoon’s autobiography. It was a beautifully solemn and memorable event.

7) I wanted my kids to watch the socially relevant film because its message was extremely solemn and important for them at their age.

8) Some people are of the idea that no kids under thirteen years of age should be allowed to attend solemn affairs like memorial services and funerals.

9) The solemn tunes of the piano wafted in the air as I entered the airy room perched on the thirtieth floor of his ivory tower.

10) Her solemn efforts to complete the project despite all the confusion was appreciated by her teachers.

Solemnly in a Sentence Examples

1) She spoke solemnly on her last day in office. After all, she was leaving a place which had been like her second home from the last fifteen years.

2) While the event proceeded solemnly, people in the audience started to get a bid bored and restless.

3) He broke up with her solemnly as he had no intention of hurting her or making her feel bad in any way.

4) Everyone knows that he was not in a mood to come to the party. But if he decided to come, he shouldn’t have behaved so solemnly.

5) After the rivalry that had transpired between us from all these years, I was surprised to see him complimenting me solemnly.

6) He hates attending all those boring, solemnly conducted church events where he is required to do nothing but to watch and sit.

7) If he is in his office, he will talk to you solemnly. You will find him in a carefree mood only when he is at home.

8) She looked at him solemnly and he knew right away that she was going to start talking about his resignation.

9) The speech solemnly drew everyone’s attention to the homicides that took place in some parts of the country in the previous decade.

10) Since she had a vivacious and bubbly personality, she found it very difficult to behave solemnly while meeting her boyfriend’s parents.

Solemnity in a Sentence Examples          

1) The solemnity of the event was interrupted by the cacophonic rings of mobile phones and the wailing of infants in their parents’ arms.

2) If you want people to respect the solemnity of the occasion, ask them to turn their mobile phones off before they enter the venue.

3) Although the poem was about a young boy and girl who fall in love, there was a kind of solemnity in the way it was written.

4) The mood of the place changed instantly as the recital began. There was a certain solemnity in those melodies that touched everyone’s hearts.

5) All the children behaved decently, making their teachers successful in sustaining the solemnity of the occasion.

6) All the meetings proceeded with solemnity without any problems even though all her rivals and arch enemies were present at the consortium.

7) He isn’t the kind of person who can be trusted immediately but the solemnity of his words convinced me that he had turned a new leaf.

8) When he looked at me and vowed never to hurt me again, I found a lot of solemnity in what he said.

9) The solemnity of his speech was enhanced by the facts and figures he presented to support his point about investing more funds in educating children in rural areas.

10) When I first witnessed the solemnity of the religious monument and how peaceful it was, I felt like visiting it every day.

Solemnness in a Sentence Examples

1) We appreciated the solemnness of the situation and decided to attend the funeral even though we had severed ties with the rest of the family.

2) Our boss expressed solemnity with regards to all the employees who had been made redundant without any reason in the past six months.

3) He has inherited the solemnness of his demeanor from his father who was also a very dignified and earnest man.

4) Even though she was celebrating her success, there was a hint of solemnness in the occasion because of her father’s recent death.

5) The dress code of black tuxedos for men and gray gowns for women added to the solemnness of the occasion.

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