Squalid: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Squalid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Squalid, Squalidly and Squalidness.

Squalid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Squalid (adjective) means filthy or dingy. It refers to a place which is downtrodden, ramshackle, unpleasant or dirty.

It can also suggest anything which is morally deteriorated or repulsive.

The word can be used to describe anything which is disgusting in the literal or figurative sense.

For example, a small room which houses six people and hasn’t been cleaned for months is likely to be utterly squalid.

Squalid: Other Grammatical Forms

Squalidly (adverb)

Squalidness (noun)

Squalid in a Sentence Examples

1) Her professor wanted her to take up field work in an impoverished neighborhood so that she could get a firsthand perspective of the squalid conditions in which they lived.

2) He wanted to work hard and get into a good school so that he could get out of the squalid environment of his home.

3) I have never seen my friend blaming her squalid upbringing for her failures. She takes responsibility for her own actions.

4) The crimes scene was so squalid that the cops had to get it cleaned before it could be opened up for public again.

5) His excuses and squalid defenses were unacceptable, considering the heinousness of the crime that he had committed.

6) I was embarrassed to invite my affluent friends to my squalid neighborhood. I wondered what they would think of me.

7) Squalid, makeshifts toilets lined the grounds of refugee camps – it was the most shocking sights anyone could ever see.

8) The way they washed their dirty linen in public made their divorce a squalid, gruesome one.

9) It was shocking to see how he used his political connections to come out unscathed from the squalid saga of being involved in multiple scams.

10) Because of an unprecedented expose by a news channel, he has been surrounded by squalid controversies about his marriage.

Squalidly in a Sentence Examples

1) The house was squalidly done up. The unkempt upholstery and tattered furniture were enough to show how poor they really were.

2) The streets were dimly lit and squalidly lined with open trash cans. It looked like an unsafe place for women.

3) It’s a squalidly located apartment that no one wants to buy anymore.

4) It is because of the lack of infrastructure and basic amenities that people are still living very squalidly across many parts of the globe.

5) She lived in a squalidly downtrodden area of the city until she had enough money to get a decent place downtown.

6) Why would a rich man like him want to live in squalidly built apartments, that too in a nondescript neighborhood?

7) The squalidly painted wall was the kind of backdrop that the photographer was looking for. The theme of his photo shoot was urban filth.

8) The lawyer’s squalidly lame attempt to come to his client’s defense was criticized by everyone.

9) If these people continue living so squalidly, infectious diseases are sure to spread.

10) The train was so squalidly crowded that I could smell nothing except the body odor of the person standing next to me.

Squalidness in a Sentence Examples

1) It wasn’t the squalidness of the house that repulsed me, it was the stifling relationship that I was in with the rest of my family.

2) We couldn’t believe the squalidness of it all – how he abruptly destroyed such a beautiful marriage with a one-night stand.

3) The squalidness of the political quagmires of our country is splashed all across our TV screens almost every day.

4) She knew that the only way to get rid of the squalidness of their poverty was though education and wealth creation.

5) I couldn’t read the article after a point because the only thing it highlighted was the squalidness and filth of the ghetto.

6) Don’t judge the vicinity by its squalidness. The people who live here are the most amicable and warm that you’ll ever see.

7) People living on the streets start getting accustomed to the squalidness around them – and that’s where the real problem starts.

8) The squalidness of the town was perfectly recreated in the movie. It looked as depressing as it was in reality.

9) The scam brought out the rot and the squalidness that had seeped into the system of the country.

10) The poignant photographs brought out the squalidness that had been rooted into the value systems of people long ago.

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