Simultaneously: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Simultaneously in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Simultaneously, Simultaneous, Simultaneousness and Simultaneity.

Simultaneously Definition and Meaning with Examples

Simultaneously (adverb) means concurrently or synchronously.

Simultaneously refers to actions that occur side by side, at the same time in a parallel manner.

The word’s meaning can be in reference to singular or multiple actions happening at the same time.

Make a sentence with the word simultaneous to suggest actions that happen together at the same moment. For example, the skies would look more beautiful than usual if two shooting stars appeared simultaneously.

Simultaneously: Other Grammatical Forms

Simultaneous (adjective)

Simultaneousness (noun)

Simultaneity (noun)

Simultaneously in a Sentence Examples

1) We had to move stuff into our new office and our new home so we decided to it simultaneously to save time.

2) Both tunes played simultaneously because of which it felt more like cacophonic than melodic.

3) Why can’t you multitask and deal with trivial matters simultaneously instead of tackling them one after the other?

4) I was very excited about my latest selfie. I updated it simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and WhatsApp as my profile picture.

5) I was amazed to see how he simultaneously juggled so many tasks at one time. I was really impressed by his ability to manage everything without getting frustrated.

6) The company implemented both projects simultaneously but their massive scale combined with poor planning for logistics made them dismal failures.

7) Her boyfriend broke up with her at the same time that she had a fight with her best friend. The poor thing had to deal with two heartbreaks simultaneously.

8) Using cell phones while driving is illegal because doing these things simultaneously can increase the chances of a crash.

9) I tend to avoid multitasking. Just the thought of handling too many issues simultaneously makes me anxious.

10) The horrendous thought of being burdened with the responsibilities of a job and motherhood simultaneously petrified me.

Simultaneous in a Sentence Examples

1) He was perplexed because too many simultaneous questions were being asked. He asked every to calm down and take turns one by one.

2) The call center will not be able to take too many simultaneous phone calls. They have a limit and they will stick to it.

3) He doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to take simultaneous instructions. He will understand only one thing at a time.

4) She is trying to do things in a simultaneous way but is in rendering her efforts more ineffective in that process.

5) The simultaneous occurrence of natural disasters made the government realize that stricter measures had to be taken.

6) My learning becomes simultaneous when I solve crosswords. Not only do I sharpen my vocabulary but increase my interdisciplinary knowledge at the same time.

7) Simultaneous sightings of the Snowy owl made the ornithologist’s day. He never expected such a stroke of luck to hit him.

8) He lost his job while he was going through a bitter divorce. These simultaneous setbacks led him into depression.

9) The simultaneous weather warnings issued by the local authorities sent residents scampering for safe shelters.

10) Simultaneous measures need to be desperately taken to curb violence on the streets. The wait and watch method is not going to work anymore.

Simultaneousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The simultaneousness of the meteoric occurrence baffled astrologers and they decided to vigorous conduct studies exploring the same.

2) The simultaneousness of the rain, thunder, hail and a little snow made the weather sepulchral, morbid and ominously scary.

3) The simultaneousness of discussions made things even more complex and lead to utter chaos and confusion in the office.

4) The simultaneousness with which events have unfolded in the past few years has made it impossible for us to cope up with them.

5) The simultaneousness of his efforts to reach me via phone, email and my executive assistant gave me an inkling that there was anulterior motive behind his urgency.

Simultaneity in a Sentence Examples

1) Our science teacher asked us to ensure the simultaneity of the processes we used in the experiments so that we would get accurate results.

2) The simultaneity of the contagious viral outbreak and the horrific deluge made things very difficult for the new government.

3) The simultaneity of the shrill voices heard from both homes made it impossible to fathom who really need the help.

4) I couldn’t deal with both problems because of their magnitude and simultaneity. If they had occurred separately, they would have been a cakewalk.

5) The simultaneity of the audiovisual medium along with bookish learning as a part of teaching innovation is a brilliant idea. Kudos to the teacher who thought of it.

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