Soporific in a sentence

What does soporific  mean?: -tendency to induce sleep

Noun: -antisoporific

Adjective: -nonsoporific

Sentence Examples: –

  • during my childhood, the history lesson was always soporific, and led to everybody in the class to start yawning at regular intervals.
  • Alcohol is known to be extremely soporific for most people, it does numb the senses, but it does not let your problems go away.
  • One of the main disadvantage is the new manager has is to always provide soporific lectures just after the lunch session. It leads to extremely bad productivity in the office.
  • Plane trips are normally soporific in nature, you might manage to stay away, but in the end, the jetlag would make you go to sleep in your hotel.
  • One of the few things in life that are as soporific as you want is to tell a bedtime story to your children.
  • When you’re watching golf on television, the atmosphere becomes
  • When you have a very heavy lunch, it has an automatic soporific effect on your body, something which you cannot get rid of.

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