How to use Spontaneous In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Spontaneous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Spontaneous, Spontaneously and Spontaneity.

Spontaneous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Spontaneous (adjective) means unplanned or impulsive. It refers to an action which is done on spur of the moment without being influenced by an external reason.

As a quality, it can refer to a person who is open and uninhibited.

In biology the word spontaneous is used to describe an involuntary movement or function in an organism.

Create a sentence with the word spontaneous to suggest the lack of restriction of premeditation. Associate it with any action which is impromptu or voluntary. For example, when a boy kisses a girlfriend without a reason and when she least expects it, he is being spontaneous.

Spontaneous: Other Grammatical Forms

Spontaneously (adverb)

Spontaneity (noun)

Spontaneous in a Sentence Examples

1) I made a spontaneous plan with my boyfriend to go out for dinner because I wanted to add some spice to our relationship.

2) She is an extroverted, spontaneous person who speaks freely and does what she feels like.

3) Don’t make spontaneous and impulsive comments without thinking. You won’t be able to take your words back.

4) Words came out of his mouth in a spontaneous stream. As I jotted down what he was saying, I realized that it was a lovely poem.

5) My spontaneous plans for vacations never work out because my wife is more comfortable with having information in advance.

6) It was a not a spontaneous decision to admit him to the hospital. He had been complaining of mild pains since a long time.

7) Let’s do something spontaneous. I am tired of my boring routine.

8) The model gave a spontaneous smile and the photographer got exactly the shot he wanted.

9) Our manager allows us to make spontaneous decisions as long we can back them up and manage the repercussions.

10) You need to be very spontaneous and learn to improvise if you want to become an actor or a theater artist.

Spontaneously in a Sentence Examples

1) I was so happy with the gift that my husband gave me on birthday that I spontaneously broke into a dance.

2) My brother spontaneously volunteered to clean his room and the patio, much to my parents’ surprise.

3) He asked me out on a date spontaneously and the only reason I said yes was that I didn’t want to disappoint him.

4) My mother hugged me spontaneously and when I asked her the reason, she said that she was grateful for having me around.

5) She dresses spontaneously according to her frame of mind. You can never know what she is going to wear the next hour.

6) Acting spontaneously is that best way to go. No amount of preparation will help you for your audition.

7) Even though I hated her, I spontaneously offered to drive her home and she surprisingly accepted. We could be cordial, after all.

8) The teacher spontaneously burst into laughter at the students’ prank even though he tried hard to control his smirk.

9) He proposed to his girlfriend spontaneously after the match got over. It’s unfortunate that she turned him down.

10) Everyone spontaneously agreed to leave on a road trip that night, but her boyfriend was adamant about leaving the next morning.

Spontaneity in a Sentence Examples

1) He has lost all his zeal for life along with his spontaneity after having taken up a nine-to-five corporate job.

2) The audience showed a lot of spontaneity in engaging with the cast after the play was over. Some even came on the stage and danced with them.

3) His spontaneity and lighthearted attitude towards life is what makes him such a refreshing person to be with.

4) He is in love with his colleague’s spontaneity and zest for life. I think he is going to ask her out on a date very soon.

5) It is unlike your father to show so much spontaneity and buy me a gift without a reason. I hope he doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

6) You son is very introverted and stiff. You need to infuse some cheerfulness and spontaneity in him or he will wither.

7) My mother did not appreciate my boyfriend’s spontaneity to land up at my place at midnight to celebrate my birthday.

8) For the sake of spontaneity and fun, she often closed her eyes and put her finger on a map to decide where to go for a vacation.

9) All the colors and patterns that you see in this painting look like the result of a well-0thought design, but it is actually a product of pure spontaneity.

10) The film is about three friends vacationing in Spain and all the places that their spontaneity leads them to.

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