Spurn in a sentence

What does spurn  mean?: -rejected with contempt

Noun: -spurner

Adjective: -unspurned

Sentence Examples: –

  • My son is a very picky eater; he will spurn anything that does not contain any type of chicken or its whereabouts.
  • A lot of actors tend to spurn the advances of their fans, but when it comes to donations, they are all the more ready to do it.
  • There are a lot of mysteries, but one would never understand why my brother chose to spurn the advances of a gorgeous lady to become his wife.
  • When it came to the decision between the Vietnam War and the peace movement, the youth took to spurn the war and went for peace.
  • If you find yourself in a dilemma and stuck in a decision between two options, always spurn the one which seems to be the most evil.
  • There is a lot of tension in the Middle East, particularly due to their volatile nature, as well as their need to spurn all help coming from America.

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