Succulent in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Succulent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Succulent, Succulently and Succulence.

Succulent: Definition and Meaning with Examples

Succulent (adjective) means tender, moist or juicy.

It is usually used to describe the wholesomeness or deliciousness of food, especially fruits. In this context, it can also be used to describe a juicy piece of gossip which is interesting to hear.

As a noun, the word succulent is used in the field of botany to describe plants like cactus that grow in dry areas and have special abilities to store water.

Add the word succulent to your vocabulary to suggest the ripeness or lushness of food. Associate it with well-cooked meat, delicious meal, juicy fruit, moist and tender kiss or meaty gossip.

Succulent: Other Grammatical Forms

Succulently (adverb)

Succulence (noun)

Succulent in a Sentence Examples

1) As he looked back in the hallway and saw his girlfriend waving goodbye to him, he felt the urge to run back to her and give her a succulent kiss.

2) His garden is abundant with succulent fruits and fresh vegetables. Organic farming is a passion he has nurtured from many years.

3) She took selfies incessantly in which her succulent lips and titillating pout grabbed most of the attention.

4) My mother’s kitchen is always open for my friends, serving succulent homemade food cooked with love.

5) The king fed on succulent rabbit which was roasted on an open fire by his soldiers. It was indeed the highlight of the feast.

6) The smell of succulent flesh wafted in the woods and attracted a few hyenas.

7) The poor actress fell prey to succulent gossip of glossy magazines after she was spotted dining out with her new co-star.

8) He looked greedily at the succulent piece of meat hanging in the butcher shop and thought of malicious ways to steal it.

9) The backdrop of the raging money laundering controversy made for a succulent interview with the head of state.

10) There is one danger of succulent food – it makes you eat without limits and fall sick the very next day.

Succulently in a Sentence Examples

1) The panna cotta was succulently creamy and tantalizing to the taste buds because of the zesty berries used as toppings.

2) The succulently delightful oranges were a steal at five bucks since they were bought off a farm. They would have been much more expensive if they were bought from a grocery store.

3) The challenge was to make the food appear succulently fresh even though it was prepared from frozen ingredients that were lying in the fridge since long.

4) The food laid out in the buffet at the restaurant looked succulently prepared, but it was too expensive for me.

5) The dish was perfect in every way but it lacked being succulently garnished with condiments. That would have elevated it to an award-winning dish.

6) The succulently made gravies were the stars of our culinary experiences of that country. They reflected the county’s diversity in culture.

7) She drowned her dumplings in a bowl of Schezwan sauce to make them succulently rich before relishing them with gusto.

8) I used my late grandma’s secret recipe to prepare lamb succulently. I wanted to give my family a real surprise.

9) The farmer juggled the berries in his hand, smelt them and proudly declared that they were succulently ripe for consumption.

10) The succulently sweetened marshmallow preparation was sure to be a hit amongst kids.

Succulence in a Sentence Examples

1) The succulence of the grapes was inexplicable. It was as if they had been artificially sweetened for consumption.

2) The chef was famous for slow cooking his food to add more succulence to the meat and enhance its flavors.

3) Since he was a connoisseur of food, he judged the succulence of vegetables by their texture and acidity.

4) The succulence of the robust sauce owed itself the fresh produce and high quality of ingredients imported from their native destinations.

5) The wine was so delicious that I described it as having succulence, being at a loss of any other appropriate words.

6) I salivated on seeing the succulence of the big, yellow mangoes because I was famished.

7) The only thing that I associate with Spain is the succulence of bright red tomatoes, waiting to be thrown around in the La Tomatina festival.

8) The succulence of the ingredients used in the dish became the deciding factor after the last two contestants tied with each other in the cooking competition.

9) I enjoyed the succulence of the freshly marinated chicken along with the garrulous company that I had for dinner.

10) The succulence of the dish matched the dryness of the drink served with it. The meal ended with a serving of luscious desert to pamper the palette.

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