Use Succumb in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Succumb in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Succumb, Succumbed, Succumbing and Succumbs.

Succumb: Definition and Meaning

Succumb (verb) means to give into or knuckle under. It can be used to describe the action of yielding to something or being unable to resist something.

The meaning of succumb can be in context to things like peer pressure, stress, inferiority complex, temptation, disappointment, desire or any other such negativity.

Succumb can also refer to dying because of an illness or injury.

Create a sentence with the word succumb to express failure in fighting negative forces. Succumbing is something that happens when a person is unable to remain strong and act as per his or her wish.

Succumb: Other Grammatical Forms

Succumbed (verb)

Succumbing (verb)

Succumbs (verb)


Succumb in a Sentence Examples

1) You cannot succumb to the bribe that you are being offered just because it will pay for your son’s college.

2) Although my colleagues choose to succumb to my manager’s whims and fancies to please him, I refuse to do so.

3) If you succumb to failure once, you sill succumb to it repeatedly. So stray strong and move on until you get what you want.

4) Our boss thinks that his employees are vulnerable enough to succumb to any pressure that he creates.

5) Only a few resilient patients survive this disease, most others generally succumb. That is why it is feared so much.


6) They probably got divorced because she expected her husband to succumb to all her moods swings.

7) The more you think about your pain, the easier it will be for you to succumb to it. It is best for you to occupy yourself elsewhere.

8) Although he knew that falling for his wife’s sister was not the right thing to do, he succumbed to the feeling.

9) Kidnappers have the nerve to ask for hefty ransoms because wealthy people succumb to their fear instead of calling the cops.

10) It can be really difficult not to succumb to random food cravings during pregnancy. At least that is what happened to my sister who delivered last year.

Succumbed in a Sentence Examples

1) The weakly built house succumbed to the forces of nature, shattering into a million pieces during the earthquake.

2) The lives of those teenagers was ruined because they succumbed to peer pressure and got into smoking, drinking and all kinds of other bad things.

3) It was tragic to see how the poor dog succumbed to the quicksand even though he tried his best to wriggle out of it.

4) The victim succumbed to death after he was kept on life support for almost a week. The doctors had already warned his family about this.

5) She wanted to appear nonchalant but eventually succumbed to tears as she could not hold back her pain of losing her pet.

6) After all the nagging, the parent succumbed to her child’s tantrum of buying an expensive toy from the store.

7) He stayed invincible even after his wife succumbed to paralysis last year. Many think that it is a facade he is putting up.

8) He is said to have succumbed to an illness which can get ugly if not detected in its early stages.

9) They shouldn’t have succumbed to the price quoted by the vendor. They should have negotiated and brought it down.

10) My brother succumbed and took up the job he didn’t like only because he was promised a really good salary.

Succumbing in a Sentence Examples

1) You will find yourself succumbing to temptation if you don’t have strong will power and determination to hold your own.

2) If you plan on succumbing to your wife’s desire of moving to a new house, be prepared to be henpecked for the rest of your life.


3) The king has been able to carry on his despotic rule only because his subjects have been succumbing to him for no reason.

4) Succumbing to bad habits is not just easy, but also tempting. Just make sure that you exercise control and don’t do so.

5) If I find you succumbing to your addiction again, I am going to throw you out of the house and never let you in again.

Succumbs in a Sentence Examples

1) The only reason I am worried about my son going to college is that he succumbs to pressure very easily.

2) If she succumbs to her fear of public speaking, a standby will have to be kept in tow to ensure that the show goes on.

3) No one succumbs to despair as easily as she does. She can’t bear even a little bit of disappointment.

4) The person who succumbs to fate cannot chart his or her own destiny.

5) No mother succumbs to excessive worry for her child until the child gives her a reason to do so. You must have done something wrong.

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