Supplicate in a sentence

What does supplicate  mean?: – to ask for something very humbly

Noun: -supplication

Adjective: -supplicatory

Sentence Examples: –

  • The homeless person did not supplicate in front of me in order to get some kind of change; rather it was refreshing to see that he went on his own way.
  • After getting to know that I was tremendously short of time, I had to supplicate my professor so that I could get an extension on the deadline to submit the paper.
  • In a courtroom, it is the job of the lawyer in order to supplicate for the freedom of his or her client.
  • Whenever my grandmother goes to the Church, she does supplicate us to go along with her.
  • The orphanage will be holding a donation camp in order to supplicate for food or any kind of belongings that maybe welcome for the children in the orphanage.
  • It is during the media event that a family would be able to supplicate so that the return of their daughter can be acknowledged, and people can take action upon it.

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