Trepidation in a sentence

What does trepidation  mean?: -An anxiety attack, a feeling that something just may happen at any moment.

Adjective: -trepidatious

Sentence Examples: –

  • When bungee jumping, most of the first timers are faced with trepidation, and a rush of adrenaline welcomes them when the jump is successful.
  • Even when the spider was crawling up, Jon did not have any kind of trepidation about the creature rather, he loved everything about arachnids.
  • As soon as the after-shock of the earthquake died down, I was overcome with
  • Even with a standing ovation, Jack would not be able to get through the trepidation of having to undertake public speaking.
  • The recent spate of thefts in the neighborhood has left me in
  • Upon watching a ghost story, children are always filled with trepidation and anticipation.
  • There are a variety of things that I may be afraid of, but I do not have any kind of trepidation towards dogs or cats for that matter.
  • Senior citizens always have a trepidation about when they are about to die.

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