Turbulent: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Turbulent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Turbulent, Turbulently and Turbulence.

Turbulent: Definition and Meaning

Turbulent (adjective) means disturbed or agitated.

The word can also be used to describe a violent, passionate or emotionally charged action or mood.

Turbulent has a negative connotation, usually referring to something which is restless, unstable or volatile.

In usage, its reference can be to troubled relationships, choppy waves at sea, stormy air currents, unpredictability in business, difficult personalities or tempestuous situations.

Turbulent: Other Grammatical Forms

Turbulently (adverb)

Turbulence (noun)

Turbulent in a Sentence Examples

1) Constantly changing government policies will spell turbulent times for the agricultural industry.

2) As soon the formalities of his turbulent divorce come to end, he plans to jump into the dating scene again.

3) This story is about the turbulent lifestyles of famous people, the ordeals they go through and the complications they endure that most of use cannot even imagine.

4) He had to visit a shrink when he was in his thirties because he had a turbulent childhood, the ill effects of which showed up much later.

5) There is a reason why sail boats have so much safety equipment, so that they can deal with turbulent seas efficiently.

6) The turbulent young man was asked to see a counselor so that he could sort out his anger issues before he joined the company as a manager.

7) All the struggles and the depravity that she has seen in her life, has made her a very turbulent person.

8) The businessman did not want to invest his spare cash in a turbulent industry. He was looking for a relatively safer investment.

9) In his autobiography, the author outlines his turbulent rise to stardom and the phenomenal encounters he had en route.

10) The mob turned so turbulent during the protests that even the cops couldn’t control them after a point.

Turbulently in a Sentence Examples

1) Although the socio-political landscape of the war-torn nation was evolving, it was transforming very turbulently.

2) Our small boat rocked turbulently on the ocean waters. We had no hope of reaching the shore or surviving.

3) Environment experts are worried about the atmosphere behaving turbulently because of all the climate change caused by excessive carbon emissions.

4) As the clouds rumbled turbulently, everyone in the village started preparing for a few days of heavy monsoons and storms.

5) The wind blew turbulently but that did not stop the enthusiastic tourists from taking a boat ride to see the dolphins.

6) Whenever she thought about the ghastly incident which took place with her, she began writing her thoughts down turbulently.

7) A turbulently taken decision may not necessarily be good for you in the future. Think before you take a big step in life.

8) It is a turbulently written love story which shows the fanaticism and obsession of two lovers.

9) The atmosphere in the meeting room was turbulently charged as the boss glowered at his employee for talking back to him in front of everyone.

10) The little child yelled at his parents turbulently until the neighbors came and sorted the matter out between all of them.

Turbulence in a Sentence Examples

1) It was because of the extreme turbulence in her previous marriage that she was not willing to marry again.

2) Amidst so much turbulence in the economy, it is not just the big organizations but also the smaller startups that have taken a loss.

3) Emotional turbulence is not acceptable in a corporate setting. We are looking for candidates who can manage stressful situations with ease.

4) The turbulence caused by the riots ruffled the peaceful equilibrium of the city.

5) Too many contradictory political views and scandals shown on television will cause nothing but political turbulence and anarchy amongst people.

6) Until the matter of inheritance and endowment came into picture after her grandfather’s death, there was absolutely no turbulence in the family.

7) The air hostess made an announcement that passengers should put their seat belts on because the pilot expected a lot of turbulence in the flight path.

8) The climatic turbulence showed no signs of waning, because of which the pilot kept circling the plane mid-air.

9) The CEO’s selfish and immature business decision is likely to cause turbulence in the company’s operations.

10) The turbulence of my family’s past and its brushes with the law is still having ripple effects on all of us.

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