How to use Turmoil In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Turmoil in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Turmoil.

Turmoil: Definition and Meaning

Turmoil (noun) means chaos or mayhem. It refers to confusion, agitation or unrest of any kind.

The word can be used to describe disturbances in an emotional, metal, physical or even a socio-political context.

Create a sentence with the word turmoil to express an extreme upheaval, disorder or intense commotion. Associate it with a tumultuous economy, chaos in the family, political uproar, emotional hurt or violent fight.

Turmoil can be used as a synonym for tumult or turbulence.

Turmoil: Other Grammatical Forms


Turmoil in a Sentence Examples

1) My parents’ divorce made us go through a lot of turmoil. It made us realize that separation is dirty business.

2) There is no reason to cause so much turmoil in the classroom. Your teacher will be here soon.

3) The film does a fabulous job of depicting the turmoil of the immigrants in a society where they were not accepted for fifty long years.

4) The doctor advised him rest because his emotional turmoil was causing him stress and anxiety.

5) The country hasn’t been able to achieve economic stability because there is a lot of social unrest topped with political turmoil.

6) My mother is exhausted with all the turmoil going on the family about splitting my late grandmother’s jewelry and wealth.

7) The refugees were desperate to move to a land where there would be no turmoil and they could live in peace and prosperity.

8) The house was in turmoil when she came back after a week. She regretted leaving her kids and husband alone.

9) It was his inner turmoil and angst that made him create some of the best works of his artistic career.

10) The effects of the turmoil he faced at work percolated into his personal life because it was impossible for him to box his life into compartments.

11) After having spent most of her childhood in the turmoil of poverty, she has finally managed to settle down and provide herself a secure future.

12) Apart from the financial turmoil that they were facing, they were also having problems sorting out misunderstandings between the directors of the company.

13) The agent advised him against investing in real estate because the markets were volatile and in complete turmoil.

14) How can the wealthy of the city even think about hosting a gala when the rest of the nation is in protest and there is so much turmoil on the streets?

15) After having been through so much struggle and turmoil in his life, I think he has become strong enough to deal with any situation.

16) The doctor advised her family members to keep her away from any bad news or turmoil in the family as she was recuperating from a cardiac arrest.

17) All mothers want their kids to be occupied during summer so that they don’t cause unnecessary turmoil in the house.

18) Thankfully, the CEO’s decision to slash wages was averted otherwise the workforce of the company would have been in complete turmoil.

19) Even long after the riots got over, there was latent turmoil on the streets which was palpable.

20) The industry has been in turmoil since the day the head of the association resigned. In his presence, there was no problem at all.

21) They way she cried all night in bed made me realize that her married life is in great turmoil.

22) The song touched the hearts of millions across the globe because it spoke the universal language of pain, anguish and turmoil.

23) My brother moved to my grandmother’s house to study for his exams because there was a lot of familial turmoil going on at our place.

24) No matter how much turmoil our stepfather plans to put us through, my sister and I have decided to stay united and strong.

25) As a cancer patient, there came a point in her life when she thought that she would never be able to get past the turmoil of her terminating disease.

26) Let the turmoil of your life flow in the music that you are playing. That is how your performance will get more soul and heart.

27) Since there was no other freedom of expression, poetry was the only medium through which she was able to express her grief and turmoil.

28) If an actor has to portray a character passing through intense suffering, he should draw references from his personal phases of turmoil.

29) The investors were in turmoil because the company in which they had invested millions of dollars was likely to be liquidated.

30) She may not verbalize it but her nervous body language is giving away that she is in a lot of turmoil right now.

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