How to use Ultimatum In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Ultimatum in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ultimatum.

Ultimatum Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ultimatum (noun) refers to a serious statement, term or condition given by one person to another which may have negative repercussions if not accepted or followed.

Although this term is specifically employed in the field of diplomacy and government, it is used in common parlance too.

In everyday situations, ultimatums are typically given by bosses to employees, teachers to students, parents to children and spouses to each other for unacceptable behavior.

Add ultimatum to your vocabulary by using it to describe a deadline or a threat which implies unfavorable results if not heeded.

Ultimatum: Other Grammatical Forms


Ultimatum in a Sentence Examples

1) My mother gave me an ultimatum to finish my homework before evening otherwise I would be grounded.

2) The company’s director gave the employees an ultimatum to resume work and finish the strike before the end of the financial year.

3) If your child refuses to study even after a lot of nagging, your last chance may be to give him an ultimatum.

4) My ultimatum was very clear – if she didn’t sign the document, she would have to resign from her position.

5) Giving kids ultimatums to get work done is not the right way to handle them.

6) Even after so many ultimatums they received from the government, they relentlessly continued to protest.

7) My ultimatums and threats fell on deaf ears, for they continued to behave mischievously.

8) If he has been tardy from many months, he should have been given an ultimatum long time back.

9) When people don’t do things her way, she resorts to giving them ultimatums until they do so.

10) We thought our ultimatum would scare her, but she stood there unaffected.

11) It was surprising why she hadn’t received an ultimatum to abandon her sluggish style of working and do something productive.

12) The gradually reducing stream of funds was an ultimatum in disguise for us. If we didn’t finish the task in time, we would run out of money.

13) His wife gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and his mother.

14) The boy band fell apart because two of its members gave each other ultimatums of dropping out if either of them was to continue.

15) Countries keep issuing ultimatums to each other to retreat from border lines but they are never followed. If they were, there would be no wars.

16) Friends who give each other ultimatums do not love each other unconditionally.

17) I refused to obey because he gave me an ultimatum. If he told me to do the same thing nicely, I would have surely acquiesced.

18) Why haven’t you finished your work? Are you waiting for an ultimatum from the supervisor or what?

19) Parents often give their children fake ultimatums to get them to finish their homework in time.

20) Your untimely ultimatum forced him to take a violent decision that could have been easily avoided.

21) Even after giving my wife a couple of ultimatums, she didn’t stop flirting with other men. That is the reason our marriage ended in a divorce.

22) As an ultimatum, he was asked to either leave or do something constructive with is time.

23) The senior officer left his job because none of his ultimatums regarding increasing security measures were being heeded by the government.

24) Don’t bring him to a point of giving you an ultimatum, because the repercussions he sets are quite dreadful.

25) Your money lender will resort to severe ultimatums if you don’t pay your dues in time.

26) I wasn’t scared of my husband’s ultimatum, I was more scared of the fact that my husband thinks so viscously.

27) This is the third time your mother is giving you an ultimatum. Just because she is your mother, she isn’t taking harsh action.

28) Until the call center executive was given an ultimatum, she did not process the customer’s request.

29) She has been given so many ultimatums that nothing affects her anymore.

30) The ultimatum given by the public to the politician was clear – clean up your act or we will vote you out.

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