Ulterior: Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Ulterior in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ulterior and Ulteriority.

Ulterior Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ulterior (adjective) means anything which is hidden or concealed. It refers to something which is deliberately kept undisclosed with a purpose to manipulate or influence.


Ulterior also refers to something which is beyond a certain limit or remote from the subject of interest.


Ulterior can also refer to something which comes at a later stage, in the future or subsequently.


Use the word ulterior as an option to the word hidden or covert when you want to convey a sense of an underlying motive, undisclosed purpose or an unapparent meaning. Because of the multiplicity in the meanings of the word ulterior, it can be used to convey both positive and negative connotations depending on the context of the sentence.


Ulterior: Other Grammatical Forms

Ulteriority (noun)

Ulteriorly (adverb)


Ulterior in a Sentence Examples

1) Why do people always have an ulterior motive behind their actions? Why cant they be upfront about what they want?


2) She wasnt being helpful because she is a good-natured person, but because she had ulterior intentions.


3) The constant darting of your eyes and the terseness of your posture suggests that you have an ulterior motivation to come here.


4) The ulterior reason for me to visit my aunts place so often was to play video games which my mother didnt allow me to access at home.


5) The only reason I dont trust him is because his purpose behind the phone calls seems ulterior.


6) Only the cops will be able to find out what the ulterior motive behind the slaughter really was.


7) The kid did not know that his father was giving him a candy because his ulterior aim was to get him to do homework later.


8) I am not the type of person to doubt him of any ulterior intention, but his body language aroused suspicion in my head.


9) The manager should have immediately stopped any tangent which was ulterior to the meeting.


10) The politician tried to divert the conversation by saying things that were completely ulterior to the subject.


11) Stop giving comments which are totally ulterior to this discussion. This will help us to save time and get to a constructive decision quickly.


12) Insights from the report will be used to draw ulterior policies of this nation.


13) Ulterior developments on this issue will be announced in the next bulletin. Please wait until then.


14) Brave people do not care about ulterior outcomes. They do what is important in the present.


15) Without any ulterior discussion, he did exactly as his mother instructed him to do.


Ulteriority in a Sentence Examples

1) If you want his recommendation, dont represent yourself in front of him with ulteriority. He will be more pleased if you ask him directly.


2) Your explanation is full of ulteriority. It almost seems like you have something else in mind.


3) I consider his writing to be brilliant because it is replete with ulteriorities which mean a lot more than what they read.


4) The ulteriority of my fathers statement was meant for my brother and for his recent unruliness.


5) Their conversation was so full of riddling ulteriority that I didnt know what to make out of it.


6) Did you notice the ulteriority in the message she gave in her presentation? She said one thing but meant something different.


7) Since their motives have always been full of ulteriority, they have never been trusted by anyone.


8) Did you know that metaphor is a figure of speech that can convey ulteriority but the vice versa is not necessarily true?


9) Notice the subtext of the film carefully and you will realize that it is full of ulteriority. It says so much more than what it shows.


10) The clients asked the agency to redo the advertising campaign because it was full of ulteriority. They wanted the message of their service to be very clear, not vague or open to interpretation.


11) The political biography was banned in the market because it was packed with ulteriority. It used the platform of a biography for religious propaganda.


12) I hate talking to people whose intentions are clouded with ulteriority because it keeps me on my toes all the time.


13) Ulteriority may help you to skillfully get what you want, but it may not necessarily help you to build relationships.


14) Ulteriority is not his forte, candidness is.


15) The multiple interpretations of the end of the pay are generated from the ulteriority of the protagonists dialogues.

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