Umbrage in a sentence

What does umbrage mean? It means sort of annoyance, or displeasure at something or somebody.

Sentence Examples: –

  • There is no absolute way to say this, but you should not take umbrage to any kind of use that I have about my religion. They are personal and should be taken accordingly.
  • Upon taking umbrage to the kind of views that he displayed about women, Jenny left the room with a lot of disgust on her face.
  • As a principle, you have to help the students, and not try and umbrage them for the kind of actions that they would like to take which can increase chances of having a bright career.
  • If you find that most of your freedom has been taken away from you, it is possible that you would feel umbrage to that aspect of your life.
  • The principal took umbrage of the fact that most of the teachers would not attend the school properly; he brought a notice which stated the fact and mentioned the guilty teachers to the parents.

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