Unruly: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Unruly in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Unruly and Unruliness.

Unruly Definition and Meaning with Examples

Unruly (adjective) means unmanageable or disorderly. It can be used to describe anything which is undisciplined and chaotic.

It refers to unrestrained behavior or nature or a person or thing.

A person who is not amenable can also be described by the word unruly.

If a bunch of students start jumping on their benches and throwing things around the classroom behind their teacher’s back, they can be called unruly.

Unruly: Other Grammatical Forms

Unruliness (noun)

Unruly in a Sentence Examples

1) He is a very unruly boy and that’s because he has been brought up as a spoilt brat in a wealthy family.

2) A special kind of hair serum was recommended by my stylist for my unruly hair.

3) The mob will turn unruly if they are not controlled in time.

4) It’s pretty common for unruly fans to try and surreptitiously make their way through thick layers of security during a live event.

5) If you become unruly on this campus, you will be thrown out without being given a warning.

6) The reporters were so desperate to get answers from the minister that they became loud and unruly at the press conference.

7) As long as we weren’t unruly and kept the music down, we were allowed to party as long as we wanted.

8) The unruly audience climbed on to the stage to get a selfie with the singer.

9) The long frills on the sleeves of the blouse became quite unruly if they weren’t ironed properly.

10) My father thinks that cats are tidy pets where as dogs are just too unruly.

11) The shops floors are constantly under surveillance to safeguard the storekeepers from unruly customers.

12) The unruly crowds forced the gates open and barged into the stadium before the event began.

13) She was very docile at school but extremely unruly in front of her mother at home.

14) My sister banned me and my friends from entering her room because she thought that we were an unruly bunch would mess her things up.

15) Since the garden had not been tended to since long, unruly shrubs had mushroomed all over the place.

16) As soon as we began planning the party, his unruly instincts surfaced and he started giving us the craziest ideas possible.

17) We were hit by a speeding car and the unruly driver didn’t even stop to take see if we were okay.

18) The protesters grew unruly when they were told that their demands wouldn’t be heard by the authorities before next month.

19) Babies tend to get unruly if they’re not fed in time or if they haven’t slept well.

20) Even if one member of a group is unruly, it tends to get others to think in the same manner.

21) The unruly bunch of students made it impossible for the teachers to take the class.

22) The weather became unruly as the day proceeded. Ominous clouds gathered in the sky, signaling a storm.

23) She wanted low-maintenance plants that didn’t need to be watered often had didn’t have unruly growth patterns.

24) Sufficient arrangements have been made for the minister’s rally, just in case the crowds become unruly.

25) The unruly packaging of the parcel was impossible to open. Under every layer of foam and plastic, there was another layer of coarse cardboard.

Unruliness in a Sentence Examples

1) It’s impossible to control my dog’s unruliness when he is hungry. He just won’t be pacified until he is given his food.

2) Their unruliness has increased because they have never been punished or given an ultimatum.

3) Increasing unruliness of traffic is particularly seen in those areas where there are no surveillance cameras.

4) Their unruliness and erratic behavior were some of the main reasons that they there were not invited to the party.

5) They decided to give the dog away because they just couldn’t tolerate his unruliness anymore.

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