Erratic in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Erratic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Erratic, Erratically and Erraticism.

Erratic Meaning and Definition

Erratic (adjective) means inconsistent or turbulent. It refers to anything which is volatile and full of ups and downs.

Anything which is undependable or unreliable can also be described by erratic.

It is usually used to suggest fickleness in behavior, weather, mood swings, style of working, sleep patterns and eating habits.

A person who confirms a meeting on Monday, cancel it last-minute, reschedules on Wednesday and cancels it again for no substantial reasons, can be called erratic.

Erratic: Other Grammatical Forms

Erratically (adverb)

Erraticism (noun)

Erratic in a Sentence Examples

1) We cannot let her be the spokesperson of the team because she tends to make a lot of erratic statements without knowing the truth.

2) Journalists love interviewing him because his erratic and spontaneous responses often generate a lot of humor.

3) He is impossible to work with because his mood swings are erratic.

4) My sleep patterns have started becoming erratic and I’m afraid I might become an insomniac very soon.

5) Erratic efforts won’t make any impact. We will have to constructively pool in our energies and work together.

6) Your office is not the right place for you to show your erratic behavior. Reserve that for home.

7) The marine biologist was trying to study the erratic patterns in which a particular type of fish always swum.

8) The investment proved to be futile because it gave erratic returns. I was looking for something more consistent.

9) His ex-girlfriend’s erratic tantrums and random mood swings were some of the main reasons for their breakup.

10) Your erratic eating habits are ruining your health so much that you don’t even know the gravity of the problem.

Erratically in a Sentence Examples

1) The weather keeps changing erratically all the time. It’s better to always carry an umbrella.

2) The rodent scuttled across the floor erratically, making it impossible for me to trap it.

3) The suppliers feel vulnerable because the prices of the raw materials keep changing erratically, without a reason.

4) Eccentric people are likely to behave erratically. It’s the price they pay for their genius.

5) She quit her job because her manager kept changing the roster erratically and that caused her a lot of inconvenience.

6) The machines have been functioning erratically off late. They need to be checked and sent for repairs.

7) He was behaving so erratically that his parents thought he might be going through a bout of depression or anxiety.

8) The cops had their suspicion on him because he was visiting the neighborhood erratically.

9) Teenagers who drive erratically when they’re under influence should be made to realize the kind of harm that they can potentially do.

10) My doctor asked me to bring my daughter to the hospital if I saw any signs of her behaving erratically after taking the medicine.

Erraticism in a Sentence Examples

1) It’s a cliché that creative people work with erraticism. Sometimes, they are the most disciplined ones.

2) The erraticism in the implementation of decisions is causing a loss to many businesses.

3) It’s because of the erraticism in their style of working that they don’t get anything done.

4) The erraticism in his responses gives people the impression that he is in some kind of a delirium.

5) Although he was perfectly cut out for his job, he got fired because if his erraticism and unruliness.

6) Don’t blame the erraticism in his work, he’s got that directly from his dad – a crazy scientist.

7) Your erraticism is unacceptable. It you want to work here, you will have to be regular, disciplined and reliable.

8) As he grew older, his erraticism grew too. It was becoming impossible to manage him.

9) Everyone was tired of his erraticism and the way he went away unannounced, only to return a few weeks later.

10) She took notice of his erraticism as a child, only to realize later that they were the early traces of a mental illness.

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