Use olfactory in a sentence

Definition of Olfactory

Olfactory Meaning:

(adj) of or relating to smelling

use Olfactory in a sentence

Dogs have an exceptionally well-developed olfactory capability, with up to 30% of the animal’s brain being used to maintain this sense of smell.

Though human noses have an impressive 5 million olfactory cells with which to smell, sheepdogs have 220 million, enabling them to smell 44 times better than man.

I will only examine olfactory, auditory, and visual sensations; tactile impressions were studied in the last chapter.

The shark is guided by his olfactory sense to find the prey.

Orchid flowers can offer a veritable potpourri of olfactory delight to adventurous growers.

I remember one of my olfactory joys as a child was walking through lumberyards and smelling all the different woods.

The level of detection is estimated to be over 200 times more sensitive than the human olfactory system.

During mating season, male snakes use their olfactory abilities to detect the pheromones of females.

In the human olfactory system the olfactory receptors are found at the top of the nasal cavity.

Most terrestrial carnivores are thought to use an olfactory map of their environment for general navigation.

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