Use Obnoxious in a Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Obnoxious in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Obnoxious, Obnoxiously and Obnoxiousness.

Obnoxious (adjective) means highly offensive, disgusting or unpleasant. It can be used to describe any action, behavior, remark or expression which is repulsive or hateful. Use the word obnoxious to suggest a high degree or intensity of something which is objectionable or repelling.

Add the word obnoxious to your vocabulary by using it to express abhorrence for something or someone which is so bad that it is intolerable. Associate it with an unruly person, horrible smell, unpleasant mess, loathsome decoration, sickening sight, repugnant behavior or terrible comments.

Obnoxious: Other Grammatical Forms

Obnoxiously (adverb)

Obnoxiousness (noun)

Obnoxious in a Sentence Examples

1) The way in which the news channel twisted and turned a real life crime into an entertaining story was obnoxious.

2) The sight of vomit and blood was obnoxious. The hospital staff was summoned to clean up the mess immediately.

3) The building that has recently come up near the beach is obnoxious and ruins the serene beauty of the place.

4) What I define as a beautiful perfume, you may write off as an obnoxious smell.

5) She freaked out when she saw an obnoxious looking insect crawling up her bedpost. She yelled and ran to her parents’ room to get help.

6) Although he is a reputed fashion designer, many magazines have written him off for having obnoxious tastes and aesthetics.

7) The company refused to succumb to the obnoxious demands made by the employees.

8) My father hated his journey this time around because he was accompanied by some of his obnoxious colleagues.

9) The filmmaker was stupid enough to include the most obnoxious footage in his documentary. This could potentially destroy the appeal of his film.

10) My son’s room is always in an obnoxious mess. If I don’t nag him to clean it, he won’t bother for months to come.

Obnoxiously in a Sentence Examples

1) Instead of showing some understanding, they behaved obnoxiously when the waiter told them that the chef was unable to customize their dish.

2) They passengers laughed obnoxiously at the poor lady who accidentally spilled milk on her dress because of the moving train.

3) I emailed the report to my colleague because I wanted him to see how obnoxiously it was worded and formatted.

4) Although the building was painted obnoxiously in patterns of garish red and blue, many people hailed it as avant-garde.

5) The kids conducted themselves obnoxiously at the seminar which gave their school a very bad reputation.

6) We had to call the cops on our neighbors because they were partying obnoxiously and showed no signs of stopping.

7) No matter what their differences were, he shouldn’t have spoken about his own family so obnoxiously.

8) The drunk teenagers danced obnoxiously on the driveway, creating a ruckus that none of their neighbors appreciated.

9) He cursed his ex-girlfriend obnoxiously, as if she was the person who he hated the most in the entire world.

10) My colleagues were so obnoxiously intoxicated that I didn’t even feel like dumping them in my car and driving them home.

Obnoxiousness in a Sentence Examples

1) I hate my neighbors’ kids because their obnoxiousness knows no bounds. They didn’t even apologize when they accidentally broke my window pane.

2) The teacher could not stand the obnoxiousness with which they spoke, walked, behaved and conducted themselves in general.

3) The height of obnoxiousness was crossed when those kids decided to play a game which involved squeezing tomato ketchup on each other.

4) The publisher was shocked to see the obnoxiousness of the visual which was supposed to go on the cover page of the book.

5) No one in office could tolerate his obnoxiousness anymore, whether it was about the disgusting way in which he spoke to his juniors or the way in which he behaved with women.

6) The obnoxiousness with which he responded to our warm invitation was beyond description. We decided never to keep in touch with him.

7) They may be unruly at home but their obnoxiousness will not be tolerated at school.

8) The teacher decided not to hear his plea because of his increasing obnoxiousness which was being reported by other teachers too.

9) When you read the offensive letters yourself, you will realize the level of obnoxiousness that the members of council have reached after our disagreement.

10) The obnoxiousness with which her brother yelled at her in front of all her friends was totally unbearable and unacceptable.

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