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How to use Invincible in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Invincible, Invincibility, Invincibly and Invincibleness.

Invincible Definition and Meaning with Examples

Invincible (adjective) means unconquerable or insurmountable. It can be used to describe a person, emotion or thing which is so strong that it cannot be destroyed.

The word invincible can also refer to something which cannot be overcome, such as a nasty habit or an innate bias.

Create a sentence with the word invincible to suggest the unbeatable or indomitable attribute of a person or thing.

An unbreakable metal, indestructible optimism, unshakable defense force and a powerful kingdom that are impenetrable in nature can be called invincible.

Invincible: Other Grammatical Forms

Invincibility (noun)

Invincibly (adverb)

Invincibleness (noun)

Invincible in a Sentence Examples

1) Ego can make a man feel invincible but it can also bring upon his downfall.

2) If the politician manages to maintain his current popularity levels right up to the election, he will be virtually invincible.

3) The government had to claw back on its recent policies after massive protests across the country. It shows that political leaders shouldn’t consider themselves invincible after being voted into power.

4) After winning his seventh grand slam, the tennis star has been labeled as invincible by most of his opponents.

5) The movie is a nice change because it shows the vulnerabilities and the human side of the superhero. Otherwise, films are typically known to show the superhero as completely invincible.

6) His ego took a massive beating when someone hacked his website. Until now, he thought that his coding skills were invincible.

7) No matter how much doctors and scientists try, it is not in the hands of medical science to make man invincible.

8) The scientist was awarded a Nobel Prize because he developed an invincible type of plastic which was as unprecedented discovery.

9) It was the king’s folly to think that he was invincible. He realized this only after he faced an embarrassing defeat in the war.

10) His build may make him look invincible. But mentally, he is soft as a sponge.

Invincibility in a Sentence Examples

1) People love the comic book hero because of his invincibility against monstrous creatures of the alien world.

2) His invincibility in boardroom meetings is because he has the gift of the gab. No one can beat him down in an argument.

3) There is no such thing as invincibility when it comes to sports. All athletes must accept that their winning streak will not last forever.

4) She won a medal in the Olympics even after hurting herself in an accident because of the invincibility of her spirit. Nothing could break her.

5) Many nations of the world are scared of our country because of the invincibility of its military power.

6) I recently read a poignantly written story about the destruction of an ancient kingdom which was caused by its own delusion of invincibility.

7) My father realized that wealth can give a person protection and security, but not invincibility.

8) We could not believe that we had been defeated in the game we knew so well. Our invincibility was shattered.

9) Spies were sent to find the secret to their enemy’s invincibility and what was making them more powerful by the day.

10) By maintaining a stoic expression all the time, he gives people a false impression of emotional invincibility.

Invincibly in a Sentence Examples

1) He behaved in a way which was so invincibly dumb that it was impossible to castigate him.

2) What my mother told me about trust has proved to be invincibly accurate – once you break it, you can’t get it again.

3) You cannot expect yourself to be invincibly controlling of all the people you worth with.

4) She was invincibly annoying as a child. Nothing we did to amuse her, worked.

5) He has an invincibly cheerful disposition even in times of adversity. I don’t know how he manages that.

Invincibleness in a Sentence Examples

1) There are many mythological tales about the invincibleness of Greek gods but no one knows if they are true or not.

2) The boxer had a false sense of invincibleness as he entered the ring. His overconfidence ultimately led to his defeat.

3) The invincibleness of the biases that he had accumulated in his teenage years made it impossible for him to trust other people.

4) The carpenter did everything to prove the invincibleness of the table that he had arduously built for the new house.

5) The construction company said that they were charging exorbitant prices for their apartments because of their apparent invincibleness.

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