Use Volatile in a Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Volatile in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Volatile, Volatility and Volatileness.

Volatile (adjective) means unpredictable or fluctuating. It is used in Chemistry to describe substances that evaporate quickly. In common parlance, it is used to describe fickle, explosive and inconsistent actions, behaviors or emotions. It can also be used to describe a fleeting, haphazard movement or short term nature.

Make a sentence with the word volatile to suggest the ephemeral, transitory and variable nature of a person or a thing. Associate it with a person’s unpredictable moods, government’s constantly changing policies or the stock market’s mercurial behavior.

Volatile: Other Grammatical Forms

Volatility (noun)

Volatileness (noun)

Volatile in a Sentence Examples

1) The business takes advantage of the volatile choices of customers by changing its offers on a daily basis.

2) How can you even think of lighting a match in a room full of such volatile and hazardous chemicals?

3) No one likes to hang out with him because of his volatile mood swings. You can never say when he flips out and starts behaving arrogantly.

4) The reactor had to be shut down because the core had become unstable and volatile. The government did not want to take a chance and endanger the lives of thousands of families living in nearby areas.

5) The experiment in the chemistry lab had to be stopped halfway because the professor deemed the solution to be too volatile.

6) The authorities evacuated all the surrounding areas after there were confirmed reports of the volcano turning volatile.

7) The doctor had warned us about the volatile impacts of the treatment and told us that cancer would take its toll on her life.

8) The weather became quite volatile. It was obvious that a storm was approaching.

9) The company’s management decided to scrap the plans for that project. The political scenario was too volatile to ensure a smooth implementation.

10) She was known for her volatile outbursts. To avoid being castigated to the point of humiliation, no one dared to speak out against her decisions.

Volatility in a Sentence Examples

1) I suggest you take great care when you travel with containers that carry liquids of high volatility and fluctuating temperatures.

2) My father hates investing in stocks because he is petrified of the volatility of their prices along with the unreasonable fluctuations of the market.

3) People who gamble and bet on horses generally enjoy the volatility that the game poses along with the excitement it creates.

4) The volatility of his emotions has been beautifully captured in the song.

5) My mother discouraged me from investing in gold and silver because their prices showed a great amount of volatility.

6) I have no patience for a man whose shows volatility in his emotions towards me. I want a life partner who will stand by me forever.

7) The high volatility of the substances stored in the warehouse was a matter of concern for the licensing authorities. They questioned the risk associated with storing explosive substances near a residential neighborhood.

8) The hormonal replacement therapy affected her state of mind. People could sense volatility in her general disposition.

9) The volatility of situation was undeniable. The argument reached an impasse and everyone refused to budge from their positions regarding the issue.

10) The volatility in the markets was seen as a sign of a bear run on the horizon.

Volatileness in a Sentence Examples

1) The volatileness of his moods makes him a very difficult person to be with. Sometimes, he is extremely happy and other times, extremely sad.

2) I don’t want to enter a business which such volatileness. I’d rather invest my money in a safe venture.

3) The report effectively outlines the measures that the government should be taking to control the volatileness in the markets.

4) The volatileness of the governmental policies makes it very difficult for businesses to operate in this country.

5) Can we do something to decrease the volatileness of our manager’s decisions so that we can work more efficiently?

6) The volatileness of federal policies will affect the trust that the corporate sector is trying to build for the government.

7) The professor was infamous in the entire university because of his volatileness and erratic behavior.

8) Don’t test his patience when he is angry unless you want to become the victim of his volatileness.

9) The volatileness in his personality was the only reason his colleagues did not consider him to be a part of their group.

10) The server’s volatility was seen as the major cause of a decrease in the number of gamers playing the online role-playing game.

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