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How to use Selfie in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Selfie.

Selfie Definition and Meaning with Examples

Selfie (noun) means a self-portrait taken by oneself.

The word refers to the act of holding a smartphone, camera or any other device at an arm’s length and clicking pictures of one’s own self. Selfies can also be taken by a webcam.

A selfie is generally taken to be uploaded pictures to social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The word is believed to have originated in Australia after a young man uploaded a self-portrait on social media and called it a selfie.

Selfie as a word began trending notoriously in the later half of the first decade of the 21st century after the smartphone revolution reached the masses. It has officially been added to the dictionary.

Selfie: Other Grammatical Forms


Selfie in a Sentence Examples

1) My selfie at One Direction’s concert went viral because Harry Styles photobombed it.

2) Many people have protested against the acceptance of the word selfie by dictionaries but no one can deny its popularity. Hopefully the word belfie won’t find its way into the dictionaries.

3) She threw a fit at her boyfriend when she noticed out that the wallpaper on his laptop was Kim Kardashian’s selfie in which she was spilling out from her bikini.

4) She doesn’t feel shy nor does she hesitate in posting bathroom selfies to get more followers on Instagram.

5) After coming back from school, my daughter spends half her day taking selfies in bed.

6) On further research, I found out more about the history of the selfie and how the first one apparently dated back to the early 1800’s.

7) The angle from which she has taken her selfie makes her look more voluptuous that what she really is.

8) There is nothing parents can do today to stop selfie-taking teenagers from obsessing over their social media profiles.

9) We have nicknamed her the selfie queen because she is always busy taking selfies and posting them all over her Instagram.

10) Her sexy selfie created a stir when it went viral.

11) Her intimate selfie was meant for her boyfriend and not for anyone else. It caused her a lot of embarrassment when it was accidently posted all over social media.

12) My mother freaked out when she saw me taking a selfie in the bathroom. It took me hours to convince her that I wasn’t going to post anything trashy on Facebook.

13) She took a selfie at the venue to check her makeup and ensure that her hair was not out of place.

14) I wanted to take a nice selfie so I could send it to my husband who is away on a business tour. But my cell phone’s camera couldn’t capture a clear photograph in the low light.

15) She doesn’t look half as good in her selfie as she looks in real.

16) Show me one celebrity in this day and age who has not taken a selfie for promotion.

17) I don’t know a lot of guy who are as vain as him. He is so self-obsessed that he must be taking at least a dozen selfies every day.

18) Considering that you have a job interview lined up, I suggest you remove that naughty selfie as your Facebook profile picture. Checking out your Facebook might be one of the first things recruiters do.

19) I am annoyed because my Facebook feed is marred with her trashy selfies.

20) The newlywed couple took a selfie and decided to include it in their wedding album.

21) As a selfie-obsessed teenager, my daughter was surprisingly getting good grades at school. I thought she would be much worse off.

22) Now that everyone can take a selfie, no one bothers asking bystanders to take pictures during holidays.

23) To make his ex jealous, he posted an intimate selfie with his new girlfriend.

24) My little sister loves photobombing my selfies just to irritate the hell out of me.

25) The son reminded his dad to take a selfie every time he went overseas on his business tours. Now his old man couldn’t use the excuse of not having someone to take his pictures.

26) The selfie bug bit my daughter when she saw that her best friend’s selfie got tens of likes from the most popular guys in school.

27) Psychoanalysts are currently researching if people who take more than one selfie a day can be called narcissistic.

28) I recently taught my grandma how to take a selfie. She may be old but she likes to keep up with the trends.

29) I edited my selfie to make sure that I looked my very best before I sent it to my boyfriend.

30) She is one of those few celebrities who are yet to jump on the selfie bandwagon.

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