How to Use Brevity in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Brevity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Brevity.

Brevity: Definition and Meaning

Brevity (noun) means succinctness or shortness. It can be used to describe a restrained yet tactful use of words in oral or written communication.

Brevity can also refer to the briefness of time or the fleeting nature of something.

The word may refer to terseness in some cases, but it mostly has a positive connotation.

Add the word brevity to your vocabulary to suggest the frugality of language or concision in thought. Associate it with the transient nature of life, pithy remark, crisp writing style, to the point speech or short conversation.

Brevity: Other Grammatical Forms


Brevity in a Sentence Examples

1) Our professor always emphasized the importance of brevity in business communication along with clarity of ideas.

2) We were asked to do a detailed study of all those poets who employed brevity in their work so that we too could learn from it.

3) His speech was able to drive home many important lessons of graduate life to students only because of its informal conversation tone and brevity.

4) If his lectures were characterized by brevity, many more people would be willing to listen to him and spread his ideas.

5) Brevity in conversation is one of the most important attributes of business professionals. That is what helps them to make an impact in a short duration.

6) As a shrink or a counselor, brevity isn’t your best attribute. You are expected to open up, talk to others and make them comfortable with your warmth.

7) What I like about this particular seminar is that all the speakers are expected to show brevity in their lectures and cover more topics in limited time.

8) No one expected a garrulous woman like her to exercise brevity in her speech, especially when she was given such a wide platform after a long time.

9) It is the brevity of the writing that has accentuated the suspense and made the book sell like hot cakes across the world.

10) In spite of my careful attempts to maintain brevity in the document, my boss thought that it could be edited further.

11) On one hand, my editor expected brevity. But on the other hand he wanted me to be as eloquent and elaborate as possible.

12) The brevity of his dialogue combined with the chilling background score made the plot of the film truly enigmatic.

13) The first thing that you will notice about our manager is the brevity of his instructions, which many of my colleagues find brusque.

14) In the beauty pageant, the girls were not just judged on their beauty and poise, but also the brevity of their answers.

15) From stream of consciousness, his writing style abruptly started showing brevity towards the end of the book.

16) The brevity in his speech reflects the clarity of his mind and the directness of his style.

17) Having a good vocabulary is a fantastic thing but flowery language should not lead to the loss of brevity.

18) My editor pointed out superfluous words in my essay which could be easily omitted to increase the brevity of my writing.

19) The professor clarified that a long essay may not necessarily be graded highly. Even a shorter essay with brevity which puts forth a point well has an equal chance.

20) My manager told me that brevity is critical to a written or an oral negotiation. Unnecessary verbosity may slim the chances of maneuvering the conversation.

21) The brevity of his life suggested that it is not important to live long to be able to accomplish great things.

22) Psychoanalysts should do more research on the brevity of dreams and why some of them last longer than the others.

23) Showing brevity while talking about an inexhaustible topic like climate change can be really challenging.

24) Many people don’t like tweeting because of the brevity it imposes, while some people love it for the very same reason.

25) On close observation, you will notice that most of his political statements are laced with brevity and steadfastness to secure his privacy.

26) The website soon became popular because it started publishing posts that outlined facts, figures and trivia with much brevity.

27) He repeatedly drew the audiences’ attention towards the brevity of life, urging them to chase their dreams as soon as possible.

28) The brevity of his brilliant performance was deliberate. He wanted the audiences to plead him to perform some more.

29) If your message is not marked by brevity, it will be lost when before you announce it to the entire company.

30) His PhD guide read his dissertation and advised him that some parts needed more brevity while others needed more elaboration.

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