Usurp in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Usurp in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Usurp, Usurped, Usurping, Usurper and Usurpation.

Usurp Definition and Meaning with Examples

Usurp (verb) means to seize, encroach upon or take over.

The word refers to the act of annexing, occupying or possessing something by force in an illegal way. It can include power, rights, property, information, position or any other tangible thing.

Make a sentence with the word usurp to suggest the wrongful possession of any kind. Associate it with land which is taken away illicitly, a kingdom that is overthrown and taken over unethically, rights that are encroached upon unduly or confidential details that are stolen.

Apart from matters of such gravitas, the act of usurping can also be associated with situations such as a little child forcibly taking away his younger brother’s toys.

Usurp: Other Grammatical Forms

Usurped (verb)

Usurping (verb)

Usurper (noun)

Usurpation (noun)

Usurp in a Sentence Examples

1) Why bother buying property in a lawless place where anyone can usurp anything and there are no punishments?

2) As the head of the clan, he had the power to usurp anything he wanted. But he knew that with this power, came great responsibility.

3) He can plan and strategize all that he wants but he is not going to be able to usurp my position as the CEO of this company.

4) I wanted to usurp my friend’s life because it seemed like he had everything and I had nothing. Of course, these were unwelcome thoughts in my mind which I brushed off immediately.

5) How would you feel if you were taken to the person who wanted to usurp everything you had? What would you tell him?

6) To usurp the rights of the people of this country means inviting an insurgency which will permanently taint the image of your political party.

7) The reason they plan to usurp each other’s assets could be buried in the past. Maybe their ancestors were arch rivals.

8) If they want to build a fence, they will have to usurp a part of our garden. And that is not going to happen.

9) This policy has been heavily criticized because its implementation will usurp the freedom of small enterprises to make autonomous decisions.

10) He is so tenacious that he will usurp whatever he wants. He doesn’t care about legality, decorum or ethics of any kind.

Usurped in a Sentence Examples

1) The land was usurped from the poor farmer just because asked for a few more days to repay the rent to the landlord.

2) The avaricious son usurped his father’s property, assets, businesses and everything else that he had on his name.

3) The king usurped the land, but ensured that the culture, traditions, rituals and way of life of the locals was kept intact.

4) Just because our manager moved her to a different cabin without asking or telling her, she assumed that her position and importance in the firm was eventually going to be usurped.

5) After everything they had was usurped, they were asked to express their last wishes. What an irony.

Usurping in a Sentence Examples

1) My kids like usurping each other’s play areas when they are angry. It’s cute to see how territorial they get sometimes.

2) Usurping illegally bought land is not the solution the problem. The government should form policies that prevent such illegal buying in the first place.

3) The media cooked up a story which made the immigrants look like people who were usurping the jobs of the locals. In reality, that was not the case.

4) He thought that usurping other people’s things was perfectly normal because he was never castigated when he did so in his childhood.

5) The way in which the merger and acquisition was carried out made it seem more like a modern day activity of usurping a company.

Usurper in a Sentence Examples

1) As the usurper of the throne, he did not get as much punishment as e deserved. In fact, he ruled gloriously for the next decade.

2) He was looking for a story to film. I told him to choose a usurper’s life story as it would be filled with the drama or deceit, betrayal and lies.

3) The king may have some amazingly noble qualities, but don’t forget that he has been a usurper in the past.

4) Since it was my first day at work, I didn’t know where to go and I mistakenly sat in her cabin. The word that went around the next day was that I was a usurper.

5) The nickname he gave his younger sister was usurper because she always borrowed his stationery without asking him and never returned it back.

Usurpation in a Sentence Examples

1) The book is a travelogue which narrates the usurpation of the city and its eventual downfall.

2) History textbooks are filled with tales of usurpation rather than insightful anecdotes of the past that help nations to rebuild the future.

3) Kids were asked to make a visual timeline of the usurpation of the kingdom and its eventual rise to fame.

4) Instead of aiming for real growth, companies are busy planning the usurpation of each other’s target audience.

5) Ancient history says that the usurpation of land in the continent became possible because there was no resistance, protest of outcry faced from the subjects of the kingdom.

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