Vacuous in a sentence

What does vacuous  mean?: -showing a lack of intelligence

Noun: -vacuousness

Adjective: -nonvacuous

Sentence Examples: –

  • there is absolutely no substance into the vacuous claim that you have been making for that real estate property.
  • Before the elections, politicians make all sorts of vacuous promises. However, there are very few politicians that can even keep some of the promises that they have made during the elections.
  • There are various types of people that take it upon themselves to make vacuous remarks when they happen to be on the plane. All you need to do is to ignore such people.
  • If you have a go at your opponent and his vacuous remarks, you would only be dragged down to his level. It is not good for your morale.
  • If Oprah had been drinking, her mind suddenly starts to become
  • It was the notorious talk-show host that went on to make a variety of vacuous remarks on the character of an actress. However, all of them were debunked when the actress made an entry to the talk-show.

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