Use Vicious In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Vicious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vicious, Viciously and Viciousness.

Vicious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Vicious (adjective) means wicked or dangerous.

The word can be used to describe a thing, emotion or a person who intends to inflict harm.

Vicious can be used to convey a spectrum of intensities of maliciousness – from a horrible incident, cruelty of a person to a petrifying incident.

Add vicious to your vocabulary and use it to suggest vileness of savagery of any kind. Describe an ugly attack, immoral action, harmful rumor, foul remark, monstrosity of an animal, serious ailment, harsh weather or gory sight with the word vicious.

Vicious: Other Grammatical Forms

Viciously (adverb)

Viciousness (noun)

Vicious in a Sentence Examples

1) It was vicious of him to have dumped his girlfriend after leading her on to think that they were going to get married.

2) Be careful of vicious attackers in this locality. Avoid roaming around that place after it gets dark.

3) Her words were so vicious. I can’t believe that a mature person like her could have uttered those scathing insults.

4) The bear is rare and beautiful, but vicious too. That is why visitors are not allowed to take a safari in its natural habitat.

5) The screech was loud and vicious, as if a banshee was yelling in search of its next victim.

6) Sometimes people do vicious things to get ahead of each other. If competition happens at this cost, it may not be worthy.

7) The government is stepping up its policing policies. There have been horrifying reports about drunk men involved in vicious cases of street violence.

8) My boss’s rivals made several vicious attempts to malign his reputation. Thankfully, they were unsuccessful in doing so.

9) The way blood trickled down her face was enough to convey that she had a vicious accident. She was immediately rushed to the hospital.

10) No medicine could cause the vicious nausea that she suffered from. It may be a side effect of something else.

Viciously in a Sentence Examples

1) If I had to explain to you with the reference of an image, she spoke viciously just like an angered snake hisses.

2) These days, kids behave viciously if they are not given what they want.

3) Unfortunately, the police could not recognize the corpse because it had been viciously dealt with.

4) A huge wave viciously pulled the surfer with it. One second he was surfing in a carefree way and the other moment, he was dead.

5) The couple fought viciously for trivial reasons until they realized that they were incompatible and they should break up.

6) The little kid was viciously ousted from his group of friends just because everyone found out that he had a learning disability.

7) She uses her Twitter page just to viciously hurl criticisms at her contemporaries. Her behavior is the classic example of how social media should not be used.

8) My colleague’s fury about the cancellation of her promotion made her write viciously to the top management, seeking an explanation.

9) Rumors and gossip spread themselves around so viciously that they become powerful enough to damage the reputation of the people involved.

10) The athlete was viciously injured during his attempt to do a spontaneous headstand. That is why the coaches always recommend warming up before attempting any strenuous physical activity.

Viciousness in a Sentence Examples

1) Her viciousness makes me think what sort of horrible influences she must have gone through in her childhood. After all, her savagery has to have some source.

2) Non-vegetarians should be made aware of the viciousness they mete out to the animals that get killed because of them.

3) There isn’t just viciousness in racial violence, but downright monstrosity. Ethnic discrimination should be banned at any cost.

4) The bloodcurdling riots were an example of the viciousness of the people of this country. We may consider ourselves to be a developed economy but there is still a lot to be done if we want to be known as a progressive one.

5) The viciousness of bad people is going to make them go to hell.

6) He isn’t the kind of person who gets easily petrified of anything, but the viciousness of the murderer’s threat made scared him to death.

7) The viciousness of the whole episode has left me shaking like a leaf. I am never going to watch this series when I am alone.

8) Teachers weren’t worried about the student’s low grades, but about the viciousness in his behavior.

9) The patient died because she could not withstand the viciousness of the cold weather without any heating.

10) The mastermind’s plan to destroy the shed was a result of his pure avarice and viciousness.

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