How to use Vociferous in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Vociferous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vociferous, Vociferously and Vociferousness.

Vociferous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Vociferous (adjective) means outspoken or vocal. It can be used to describe a person who is candid and direct.

The word vociferous refers to an outcry, noisiness or vehemence of any kind.

Form a sentence with vociferous to suggest forthrightness or loudness.

A clamorous protest, boisterous crowd, straightforward opinion, loud support or a verbally fervent opposition can be called vociferous.

Vociferous: Other Grammatical Forms

Vociferously (adverb)

Vociferousness (noun)

Vociferous in a Sentence Examples

1) Until you are not vociferous about your problems, others will not be able to help you. You will have to speak up.

2) The mob was vociferous. People were not interested in lighting candles and carrying out a silent, non-violent protest.

3) The campaigners had been vociferous about the issue from a long time. Thankfully, the government finally took notice.

4) The vociferous argument continued for a few more hours but no good came from it. The problem remained unresolved.

5) He had been vociferous about his headache from a long time but his parents ignored him. It eventually turned out to be a tumor.

6) Students were forced to be vociferous about their incompetent teacher to their principal. They couldn’t tolerate her any longer.

7) Just because you are vociferous and tend to make a big deal about everything, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily right.

8) There were only a few issues that the board members were vociferous about. Otherwise, they were quiet.

9) We need to be more vociferous about the problems that concern us. We cannot expect the authorities to understand without being told.

10) Be vociferous about your husband’s bad habits. Only then will he understand that he needs to stop.

Vociferously in a Sentence Examples

1) She came back from the movie and opined about it vociferously to her friends. She wanted more people to see it.

2) My mother didn’t just support me but also complimented me vociferously in front of others. This gave me a great deal of confidence.

3) My mother opposed my father vociferously when he declared that he might quit his current job to pursue something that he loved.

4) We will support you vociferously in your endeavors only if you promise that you will quit smoking and drinking.

5) Your wife may be shy and introverted by nature but she will react vociferously if you take her for granted all the time.

6) The media criticized the moves of the government vociferously. From cartoons to spoofs to satirical pieces, no stone was left unturned to ridicule them.

7) We will channel our opinions via electronic media so vociferously that they will be forced to take action in our favor.

8) She pleaded her case vociferously. She wanted to do everything to convince her father that she was not wrong.

9) My father cursed the gardener vociferously because he did a sloppy job and overcharged him at the same time.

10) Even though the new laws were vociferously opposed by everyone, they were forcibly enforced any way.

Vociferousness in a Sentence Examples

1) If it wasn’t for her vociferousness about the discrimination she was facing at work, she would have been exploited even more.

2) The vociferousness with which people attacked the governor and sought answers to their city’s problem was amazing.

3) My vociferousness about this problem will remain uninterrupted and ongoing until the matter is solved.

4) After reading the newspapers, I realized that the vociferousness with which the workers protested against the atrocities of the company was remarkable.

5) When the event was cancelled by the celebrity on a whim, all his fans were enraged and decided to show their vociferousness.

6) My subordinates have become so used to my vociferousness that that have stopped valuing my word.

7) I didn’t want the vociferousness of our arguments to affect our kids in any way. My husband and I made sure that we put up a happy facade in front of them.

8) You’d better show vociferousness in your praise for your own daughter before showing it for your brother’s son.

9) The principal is famous for showing his vociferousness regarding environmental pollutants. He expects his students to so the same when they encounter something similar.

10) More and more people were contributing to the vociferousness of their leader, hoping that their voice would change the ways of the world.

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